Chance's Hell

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“I’ll let you go, name’s Chance, remember it. Be seein’ you again,” he rumbled and stepped out of my way. I stared at him, not moving.
“You will?” I asked, and Chance nodded a reply.
“Go babe, you’re late,” Damn it! Benny! I scurried past Chance and began jogging again, Benny would have my head. Halfway down the street, I broke into a jog which turned into a run, who cared if Chance was watching? I’d find another route tomorrow. How embarrassing that the MC knew I’d spied on them, that was humiliating. I dashed into the diner three minutes late.
“Girl spoke?” Banshee, also known as Shee, asked as Chance wandered back towards the garages.
“She spoke.”
“About time, brother. Thought she’d perv on us for the rest of her life.”
“Don’t think girls perving, think she’s fascinated. She’s timid, a good girl, innocence in her eyes,” Chance said thoughtfully. He’d known four months ago that she’d hide and stare at the cars and bikes with lust and longing on her face. The girl wasn’t the usual woman to hang around an MC, but Chance sensed passion and yearning. Chance had been stunned when Big Al told him, he’d spotted her two months before Chance had. The girl had hidden damn well.
Chance had grown an inner sense of when she was on Hellfire watching. The girl hid well, but Chance spied her hiding behind the bushes in front of the walled corner of the forecourt. She was happy to watch, never approached, and sometimes he ambled over to check a bike or car, to get a look at her.
She was worth looking at, the whole tiny package. Long, silky brown hair that hung to her waist in a straight sheet and a flawless peaches and cream complexion. A rosebud mouth begging to be kissed and large wide grey eyes framed with long lashes. A slender frame, but with a rounded ass and a bust that promised a handful.
Gorgeous was the only word for her, Chance had seen nothing so beautiful in his life, not even Phoenix. Chance didn’t think the girl was over thirty, he’d been unable to tell earlier, in truth, her shyness made Chance believe she was in her early twenties. Too young for him, but fuck it, she was looking at him, and Chance was staring straight back at her.
“You’re gone, man,” Shee laughed and slapped him on the back. Chance looked up with a frown.
“Huh,” he grunted.
“Girl spoke, what five words, and you’re gone on her,” Shee pointed out.
“Was over five.” Shee looked at Chance in astonishment and then grinned.
“Well fuck brother, go get her.” Chance nodded, his attention distracted. She was a good girl, Chance had guessed correctly, but deep down he wanted her. He’d waited four months for her to approach, she didn’t, so Chance ambushed her today and shit, within those few minutes he’d fallen hard. Chance had thought she was playing games, but Chance had the feeling she was shy, timid and not confident.
Maybe he was gone on her, but what could someone like Chance possibly do to an innocent like her? Chance had at least fifteen years on her. No doubts about it, the girl was definitely innocent, she was too good for him, he’d only make her miserable. She’d been the one he’d thought of on that lonely ride a few weeks back. Maybe the girl would take a chance on him? His mind kept going back and forth between the two arguments, pissing him off. Chance walked back into the garage and the build he’d been working on, far grumpier than he had been.
Chance looked up fifteen minutes later when Shee whistled loudly. Wiping his hands on a rag, he walked out and gazed in Shee’s direction. Shee tilted his head and Chance stared puzzled as the girl walked back past Hellfire with her head down, staring at the ground. Chance threw Shee a confused look, she’d said she’d be late for work, yet here she was walking home. Chance jogged over with Shee following, Shee had seen something Chance hadn’t, and the brother didn’t appear happy.
“Babe?” Chance rumbled as she got close. The girl stopped walking with her head remaining dipped.
“Excuse me, I need to get home,” she whispered, and Chance knew something was wrong. Her voice was hoarse, as if she’d been crying. Chance stepped into her space and tilted her head up and took a shot to the gut when he saw tears tracking down her face.
“What the fuck happened?” Chance growled.
I gazed up at the immense figure and wiped tears from my eyes. Despite only being three minutes late, Benny had sacked me, the twit. I needed that job, it was low pay, but I needed it. To stay in the apartment block meant I was risking my safety daily, and I was trying to save a little each week to leave. Losing this job meant I was much further away from that goal.
“I got fired,” I muttered when Chance growled again.
“What the fuck?”
“I was three minutes late, and Benny fired me.”
“Benny’s Diner, Benny?”
“Benny’s a pissant,” the other guy said, annoyed. I looked at him, hot as he was, he didn’t affect me like this guy did.
“Benny’s that alright, he’s messed everything up. Three minutes, I was only three minutes late, not that big a deal, surely?” I queried, looking up at Chance who appeared torn. Chance looked like he wanted to throttle someone, but he also wanted to offer me comfort.
“Three minutes is shit. Bet you’ve stayed later than that to finish a shift.” I let out a bitter laugh, and the floodgates opened.