Chance's Hell

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Chance Michaelson strode across Hellfire’s forecourt, he was tired, tired of being alone. He planned to get laid tonight and didn’t care who it was, as long as it was a warm body he could sink his dick into. He opened the clubhouse door and walked in, his brothers were there along with his prospects and the expected skanks and biker bunnies.
His eyes caught Tina’s, a nice girl, a bunny not a skank but not even she got a peak of interest from him. Chance’s sharp gaze drifted around the clubhouse and felt nothing. Not a single woman held his interest, he was screwed. Damn it, Chance wasn’t old enough to be this jaded and yet he was, the nights of changing women like socks was gone, he didn’t want that anymore. Chance finally admitted he wanted what his cousin Drake had, and he wouldn’t get that with any woman here.
No, Chance wanted a good girl, a sweet little thing that would dote on him and support him when he needed it. A girl who’d let Chance look after her and spoil her, as much as he loved Phoe, there was no way he’d handle a second one. No, he needed someone who’d let Chance do as he wished and be there for him at the end of the day. No spitfires.
“Riding out!” Chance hollered at Bear as Bear approached. Bear nodded, and Chance left the building. Despondently, slinging his leg over his bike, Chance opened the throttle and sped out. Chance’s mind worked furiously as to where he could meet a girl like the one he dreamed of. She had to be out there, the question was where to find her?
Chance rode into the night, his mind whirling with plans, but it kept coming back to one girl. Was she worth taking a risk on? He’d have to catch her first, for the first time in ages, Chance’s mouth quirked into a smile. A trap needed to be set!
Chapter One.
April 2019
Iwas going to be late! Very late at this rate. I hurried down the street flustered, when I’d gone to bed last night everything had been fine. But once again the crummy apartment (or as I named it the shoebox) showed me who’s boss, and the power went out, disabling the alarm. I woke up half an hour before I was due at the diner, and I’d an inkling Benny would be in a mood today. Without a second thought, I hurried through a quick two-minute shower, dragged clothes on and brushed my wet hair back into a ponytail and flew out of the door.
I avoided Randy Ron, who poked his head out of the door trying to catch my attention and then slipped silently past the drug users on the stairs. I hated this damn apartment block, but it was all I could afford. Slimy Sam attempted to grab me as I flew past him and I just missed his grabby hands.
Yeah, I was reasonably attractive, in a hometown girl way, I was slender but had curves in the right places. I lived alone in a crummy apartment block because I’d no choice, it didn’t mean I was easy! Stupidly not watching where I was going, I rushed out the doors and banged into one of the blocks resident drug dealers.
“Hey gorgeous, in a rush to get your hands on me? Just gotta ask baby,” Tommy grinned, manky teeth making me cringe. The drug dealer was disgusting, tight jeans that hung off his ass, a skin-tight tee, advertising lord knows what, Tommy didn’t have a body to brag about. Awful cologne and acne-scarred face, with greasy slicked back hair and a hooked nose, Tommy was dreadful. To encourage Tommy was dangerous, I knew better, but he still panted after me. Smoke-laden breath blasted my face, forcing me to cringe.
“Got to run, I’m late,” I said and pulled away. Tommy yanked me back with surprising strength and grabbed my ass before grinding his groin into mine. I pushed back against his chest, flushing and wrenched out of his hands spinning on my heel and walked away as fast as possible.
“You know where to find me when you want more of what I got baby,” Tommy catcalled, and his friends laughed. Scum! I ran down the road and turned the corner and jogged a few more streets. By the time I got within five minutes of work, I’d made up the time, just, I’d slowed to a walk but kept the speed up.
As I approached one of my most favourite places in the world, Hellfire MC, I considered slowing but decided not to stop. Hellfire MC was a motorbike club and alongside a brother club Rage MC, Hellfire was famous in Spearfish and the surrounding towns. As I approached their forecourt, I kept my head down so I wouldn’t be distracted.
I loved looking at the cars on the forecourt, custom-designed and custom painted. The cars were worth a fortune, and I wished for one minute I could sit in one. Even better than the cars were the glistening Harleys, two Norton’s and an Indian. I drooled over them every day, I loved bikes, the noise, the style, the design. Bikes were fabulous creations, I’d never ridden one, but same as the car’s, for just one minute I’d love to ride free.
Even better than bikes and cars were the Hellfire MC brothers. Every one of them drop-dead gorgeous, tall, muscular, long hair, short hair, brown eyes, blue eyes. I didn’t care, Hellfire was eye candy, and there was nothing better than standing in the corner of their wall. Time flew as I gazed at the bikes, cars and brothers, for ten minutes each day before my shift started. Today I couldn’t be distracted, especially ifhewas there.
Tall, at least six foot four, wide chest and shoulders that were muscled, not heavy like a wrestler but they had clear definition. Lean-hipped with a to die for ass and long-legged. The brother had worn his hair long when I’d first set eyes on him six months ago. But lately, he’d shaved the sides short and left the top long and tied back in a ponytail. Sharp, bright, green eyes had nearly caught me several times. A neat goatee the same colour as his hair, which was a brown so dark it looked black sometimes.
He reminded me of the singer Tim McGraw, who’d I’d recently discovered. This man had an aura about him that drew me to him, but he’d spit me out. No way could I manage a guy like that, he was the ideal of an alpha male! He exuded danger and darkness, but there was light too. I’d watched the way he was with the brothers, his laughter and joking. The other day he’d picked up the only old lady Hellfire appeared to have and ran across the forecourt with her, while she smacked his delicious ass. That day I’d envied her.
Her old man ran after them, the three of them laughing. My secret crush spun her around and put her back on her feet, dizzy. She chased after him, and he ran off laughing. Yeah, if I was honest, I’d watch him every minute of the day, but today I was nearly late. There was no time to gaze at him today, and this meant walking fast and reaching the diner before the start of my shift. Deliberately keeping my head down to avoid temptation, I walked smack bang into someone for the second time today.
I bounced off a hard body and landed on my ass, blinking up in despair, I thanked God it hadn’t been raining. With a wince, I put a hand on the ground to push myself up when two hands grabbed me and hauled me to my feet and steadied me gently.
“Shit, I’m sorry babe,” a smooth velvet voice spoke. I looked up and looked up again. I blinked in the sunlight and realised it was him! Six foot four was right, I was five foot three, and this guy towered over me.
“Ugh…” Wonderful conversation starter. “I’m late,” I spluttered and tried to step around him, but he didn’t let go of my arms.
“Been watchin’ you, watchin’ us, watchin’ me,” he said, and I flushed a deep red. His mouth quirked, and my eyes flew straight to it. What a lovely mouth! “Babe,” he chucked and with a finger tilted my head up to meet his eyes. They twinkled, and I realised what a fool I looked, my blush grew more profound, and he stroked that finger down my face.
“I’m late,” I repeated. He nodded but lifted a hand and curled a strand of my hair around his finger before letting go. His face took on a gentle expression, and I warmed inside, I needed to check I was still wearing panties, that they hadn’t melted away at the sight of him.
“Your hair’s wet sweetness, you didn’t dry it.” I raised a hand to touch the still damp hair.
“It will dry, the sun will dry it,” I babbled.
“You shouldn’t leave without dryin’ your hair, babe. It’s spring but still chilly.”
“I’m late,” I parroted for the third time.
“So you said. No time to watch this morning, babe?” I hated this, Hellfire was aware I’d been watching them, spying on them. Why wouldn’t the ground open and swallow me? Without realising it, I’d moved closer to him, he smelt wonderful, spice and oil and man. Damn it, my hormones were going to make me late!