Chance's Hell

Page 14

“Try telling Phoe no, you more than anyone know how Phoe takes no,” Drake chuckled, and my back stiffened. Was Phoe Chance’s woman, or girlfriend? Chance soothed a hand down my hair, but I remained stiff.
“See ya soon,” Chance said and cut the call. “Phoenix is a sister in Hellfire, sits at our church and acts like a brother. Phoe’s married to my cousin Drake and they have kids, not even the devil could stop Phoe coming to meet you. She’s gonna wanna meet the woman I’ve claimed,” Chance said before I could ask anything.
“Oh,” I said in a small voice.
“Phoe’s rapidly friendly and a fuckin’ pain in my ass. Never met a more special or kind-hearted woman until you, sweetness. Tell you now, so you can get any jealousy out of the way, Phoe owns a piece of my heart, she brought life back to Hellfire and is our soul. You throw a jealous shit fit over Phoe, forget it, Phoe will come first. But she’s not the love of my life, Phoe’s my cousins, but woman’s fuckin’ special and that you need to understand.” Damn, that put me firmly in my place.
“Okay,” I whispered for lack of anything else to say.
“Don’t mean though that you don’t come first, this thing between you and me goes the way I’m hoping, you’re it for me sweet girl. No other bitches, no one else but you, you’ll be my life like Phoe is Drake’s. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride baby, I’m layin’ claim, but I get you’re inexperienced, innocent, naive to our world. Will go gently but need your buy-in,” Chance said and dipped his head to stare into my eyes.
“Can you explain?” I asked, uncertain about what I was hearing.
“I’m gettin’ you know little about MC’s, thinkin’ you don’t understand much about the shit in the world, I wanna protect that. Wanna court ya until you can’t see anything but Hellfire and me and then sweet girl, I’ll put a ring on your finger. And when you’re ready, we’ll make some babies,” Chance explained. My eyes widened as my girl parts stood to attention, babies? Woah!
“We’d date exclusively? No others?” I sought confirmation,
“Sweet girl, I don’t date, don’t think I’ve ever dated, fuck knows where I’d start with that, but it’s just you and me, exclusive,” Chance nodded. I giggled.
“Flowers are a nice start, chocolates, taking me for an enjoyable meal, not a McDonalds. Being nice to me and giving compliments, not complaints is also a good start. Oh, and explaining when I don’t understand and not yelling!” I ended.
“McDonald’s?” Chance asked, and I nodded. “Cheap fucker,” he rumbled insulted on my behalf, and I laughed.
“Yeah, he was one of several cheap fuckers,” I informed Chance who grinned at me.
“Steak and ribs okay baby?” Chance asked. I nodded mouth drooling.
“That sounds amazing!”
“Sounds like I know where to take you for a date when I bust you from here, and you’re healthier,” Chance grinned. Happily, I nodded and curled up in his lap and allowed Chance to soothe me back to sleep. Chance was of the opinion that rest healed everything, and who was I to argue with him
I woke up with a start and the feeling someone was watching, I wasn’t wrong, a woman sat perched on the end of the bed studying me intently. She was stunning, long blond hair, and sharp green eyes which had a twinkle, and she had curves in all the right places. She wore a Hellfire cut that I recognised and heavy silver jewellery.
“I’m Phoe,” she said, and I picked up an English accent.
“I’m Clio,” I replied, which was rather obvious.
“How long have you known Chance?” Phoe asked, shifting closer to me. Her hand reached out, and I flinched as it came towards my face, Phoe hesitated and then swept the hair out of my eyes.
“Three days, well we’ve spoken on the day we met and then on the day Chance rescued me and today?” I said glancing out of the window and realising the sun had risen. I’d slept the whole night through.
“Damn, Chance ain’t wasting time!” Phoe exclaimed, and her eyes picked me apart, I was left feeling lacking. Then Phoe broke into a grin, and I blinked at the beauty in it. “You’re special, the special Chance needed, the beauty Chance deserves,” Phoe stated and patted my hand.
“Thanks,” I whispered, not being able to meet her eyes. Phoe was confident, more confident than I was, and I really felt inadequate next to her. The confidence and charm Phoe owned oozed from her pores and smothered me.
“Hey, don’t do that!” Phoe told me off. “Chance wouldn’t fall for just anyone you know, I guess you’ve had a rough time, I recognise that look in your eye. The wounded animal ready to strike out and attack in your self-defence. I’ve seen it in my kids, I adopted five street kids myself, I’m not here to judge you, Clio. Just here to say hi and welcome to the family,” Phoe smiled, and I smiled back. The hospital door opened, and Chance walked in with what I assumed was his twin brother.
My jaw dropped open as I studied the hotness of the two men in front of me, they were so alike it was uncanny. Except the second man wasn’t as big as Chance, don’t get me wrong he was big, just not as broad shoulders or wide chested as Chance. Another difference was their eye colour, Chance had striking green eyes that bored into your soul. This man had soft brown eyes, the colour of chocolate. Everything else was the same, height, bar an inch or two, long-legged, lean hipped, the same nose and mouth shape. Damn, they were both sex on legs and were aware of it.
“This is Drake,” Chance said.
“I thought you said you were cousin’s not twins?” I asked, confused. Drake smirked and scooped Phoe off the bed and planted one on her. Chance rolled his eyes.
“Jeez it’s only been ten minutes Drake,” he muttered and turned to me, “Drake is my cousin.”
“Well damn, those genes are pretty strong then,” I murmured. Phoe tossed her head back and laughed as she patted the grinning male clasping her.