Chance's Hell

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“Tell me the word, and I’ll bury this fucker right here and now,” Tiny grunted. The bitter smell of pee hit my nostrils, and I realised the man had urinated on himself.
“Let him go Tiny please, Chance told me to trust in his people, Lio’s on his way, and Lio is one of his people yes?” I asked. Tiny brought his face close to the man and snarled.
“You admit everything, where you got the video from, the fact you thought to rape her too and every other thing you’ve done. Because if you ain’t banged up, I’ll find you,” Tiny whispered and then shoved the man back at the trigger-happy cop. Seconds later, the asshole was on the ground, and the trigger-happy cop was demanding Tiny put his hands behind his back.
“No! What are you doing? That man said things to me, Tiny was protecting me!” I cried and shoved in between them. The cop for a third time pulled his gun, and I wanted to swat him over the head with him. Tiny tried to move me behind him, and I began yelling stuff while Tati and Shee also started yelling. The calm cop was yelling at the other to drop his weapon.
“SILENCE!” Lio bellowed, and everyone shut up. I turned stunned to Lio, who was with his partner Phil Gold.
“Put your fuckin’ weapon up Samson or you’re busted down to school patrol for a fuckin’ year. What is your freaking issue? Jaggers, you got him cuffed? Take him out to the car, Phil take him to the station and book him, Tiny sit your ass down, and Shee fuckin’ sit on him. Tati, get your girl a strong coffee and something to eat, she looks like she’s going to pass out. Clio are you okay?” I blinked as Lio let out a string of commands.
“Yes,” I said as my knees gave way, and I headed to the floor. Strong hands caught me under the armpits, and I sank into a chair instead.
“Clio?” Lio asked peering into my face,
“He’d a picture, wanted to do what Tommy did, asked how much to do the same,” I whispered as I watched my hands shaking.
“He didn’t get a chance to Clio, Tiny stopped him, honey,” Lio said, gripping my shaking hands in his grasp.
“If Tiny hadn’t been here…”
“Then I’d have put a bullet in his brain,” Tati said grimly as she crouched by my chair.
“We were only shopping Lio, just stopped for a coffee,” I explained.
“It’s okay Clio, listen officer Jaggers is going to take your statement while I educate officer Samson. He’s nice Jaggers, a real charmer,” Lio winked at me and Jaggers laughed.
“Hi, Clio, let’s find out what happened,” Jaggers said and sat down and began questioning me. For the second time in less than a week, I was being interviewed by a cop, my life was surreal. Ten minutes later there was a roar of a bike, and a squeal of brakes and Chance stormed into the coffee shop. His mood hit the small space like a physical slap. Samson eyed Chance, and his hand hovered over his weapon, but he didn’t pull it as Lio got into Chance’s space.
“Clio’s safe and the perp is being booked downtown right now by Gold,” Lio didn’t waste words updating Chance, who visibly deflated. His anger decreased a little, but it was still there ready to be lit.
“What the fuck happened?”
“Perp had her picture, shit Chance it was one with her tied and a cock next to her mouth. Someone’s fuckin’ distributing the video and stills,” Lio said and lit the match. With a roar Chance grabbed the nearest table and tipped it upside down, grabbing a chair he smashed it against the wall before flinging another table across the room. Lio held Samson back as Chance threw back his head and roared his anger.
“Find them, Lio, find them, or Hellfire rides,” Chance yelled, pointing a finger at Lio.
“Don’t threaten me. Chance, SPD is doing everything we can,” Lio warned back. Chance snorted and turned to me and scooped me up into his arms. He clutched me close, and I felt him staring over my head at Tiny.
“Gym now, work it off brother,” Chance threw Tiny his bike keys, and Tiny walked out without another word. Samson moved to stop him and got a warning glance from Lio.
“You give a statement?” Chance asked.
“I was nearly at the end,” I replied.
“Give him your statement, and then we’ll finish your shopping,” Chance grunted. Seriously, Chance wanted me to go shopping after this drama?
“You need this Clio, trust me,” Tati said, stroking my arm. No, I didn’t this, shopping was my worst nightmare, why couldn’t I go home and shop online? The idea lit me up like a light bulb, but it had the opposite effect as Chance and Tati both thought I was excited over shopping again. Blast it, stuck again.
“Okay,” I whispered and resumed talking to officer Jagger. Samson was being thoroughly raked over the coals by Lio who was making no bones about his displeasure. I caught yells about Spearfish becoming a war zone as Hellfire would call in MC’s and SPD would call in reinforcements and all because of a thick-headed mule. Chance was more interested in what Lio was yelling about as he grunted several times in agreement. Meanwhile, Tati handed the coffee owner a stack of cash and Hellfire’s apologies, he didn’t seem to bothered in truth, but happily accepted the money.
When my statement was finished and the chastised officer released, Lio promised to call us later that afternoon with an update. The next three hours were spent buying clothes, underwear and shoes, Chance dropped a small fortune on me, which made me blanch, but he didn’t seem to care. Once everything was loaded up in the truck, he drove us back to Hellfire where Tiny was still missing.
Shee collapsed in an armchair and refused to move to the amusement of Bear who began teasing him about wearing panties and women’s clothing. Shee responded by tackling Bear and taking him down, a feat in itself, considering Bear stood head and shoulders over everyone, including Chance. I was laughing when Chance took a phone call, and pipes roared outside loudly. I hadn’t met half of Hellfire yet, but the brothers who walked through the doors were not Hellfire.
They wore a different cut and were led by Drake, who had his arm around Phoe. Following behind him was Ace with his arm around Artemis. She was frowning and whispering things at Ace who was sternly shaking his head. Another Native American entered, who was clearly Ace’s father, followed by a bubbly blond. Behind them came another man who looked similar Robert Downey Junior and then a twin for Colin Farrell. Wow, Rage bred them as sexy as Hellfire did, that or someone hit them with the drop-dead gorgeous stick.
Women followed behind them and then a fricking mountain to rival Bear stomped inside the clubhouse. My eyes grew huge as I wondered if this mountain had spawned Bear. The men were both of a similar size and width, I kept glancing between the two of them my eyes wide.