Chance's Hell

Page 10

Lying on the bed in a dirty, stained tee pulled up to her waist, bound and gagged with terrified eyes staring at him was Clio. She wore no panties, and her legs were spread-eagled and tied to the corners of the bed. Chance let out a stream of curses and pulled a flick knife from his pocket.
“Babe, it’s Chance, you know me,” Chance said gently and reassuringly. Clio stared at him, unable to communicate. Chance took a step near her, and she flinched back.
“Fuck,” Chatter growled from behind. Chance heard noises and Chatter appeared with his tee in hand. Clio took in the big man who was topless, and they both felt her fear rachet up. Chatter cautiously moved into the room, averting his eyes from her lower half, and reached down to Clio.
Terrified squeals and mumbles came from behind the gag as Clio tried to twist away. Chatter sat Clio up and yanked his tee over her head. Clio’s frantic movement’s stilled, and she gazed at Chatter as he covered her up as best he could. Chatter slowly raised his hand for Chance’s knife and took it from him. Chatter sliced the duct tape that bound Clio’s wrists behind her back freeing her arms. Pained cries came from behind the gag, and Clio’s eyes filled with tears as her arms swung free. Chatter immediately began rubbing one arm.
Resolutely holding Clio’s eyes, Chance sliced at the ropes tying her legs open and to the bed. Pained screams arose again, and Chance wondered how long she’d been tied up and kept hostage. The ropes had left horrible marks on her legs where Clio had struggled to get free, Clio cried silently as Chatter rubbed her arm. Chance moving slowly took her other side and began rubbing that, Clio had to be suffering terribly.
There were noises from outside as Chance kept rubbing her arms. Chance didn’t bother asking what Rooster, Bear and Shotgun were doing. He knew they were laying the hurt on the two assholes who’d kidnapped his girl. Chatter looked at Clio sadly.
“This gonna hurt girl, sorry,” he said and ripped the duct tape from her mouth. Clio let out a cry and then spat the dirty handkerchief stuffed in her mouth out.
“Water,” Clio croaked.
“Shotgun get water,” Chance called softly, not wanting to frighten Clio further. A figure appeared, and there was a noise of disgust, causing Chance to look up.
“Girl okay?” Emilio asked, standing there.
“No fuckin’ idea. We just got Clio untied.”
“Need an ambo,” Emilio said into a handset and faced the perps on the floor. Shotgun pushed past Emilio holding a glass of water.
“Rooster got it from her apartment. Didn’t think she’d want something from here,” Shotgun said, pushing the glass at Chance. Clio grabbed it and made to gulp it down, and Chance stopped her.
“Sweetness, take your time,” Chance said, holding it to her mouth. Clio slipped slowly, her eyes wary, the terror was fading, and Clio seemed comfortable in his and Chatter’s presence, but she could snap at any time.
“Home,” Clio croaked.
“Babe, the police will want to speak to you, and you need to go to the hospital,” Chance choked on the next part. Chatter took over sensing Chance couldn’t form the words.
“Did they touch you?” Chatter asked as gently as he could. Clio’s eyes flew to his, and then she nodded reluctantly. Chance flew from the bed and stormed out. Emilio and his partner Phil Gold were walking Ron and Tommy out of the door. Both men looked worse for the wear and Chance knew in a split second, Rooster, Shotgun and Bear had knocked the shit out of them.
Chance didn’t stop, barrelling past Emilio who reached out a hand to stop him and Chance grabbed Ron. The fucker remained standing, Chance gripped his hand round Ron’s throat, and his fist flew into Ron’s nose. It broke with a crunch and Ron howled. Chance let rip again and felt Ron’s jaw shatter, his fist flew a third time, and Ron spat teeth out. Emilio and Phil began dragging Chance away, and Chance tightened his grip and slammed Ron’s head into the wall. The man went down hard.
Hatred in his eyes, Chance backed away as Phil bent over Ron. Chance spun in an instant, and he was on Tommy, this fucker had been alone with Clio with his pants down his ankles. Chance’s knee slammed so hard into Tommy’s groin his eyes rolled up in his head. His grip holding Tommy around the throat, Chance repeated the action three more times. Emilio and Phil both tried pulling the enraged Chance away.
Chance swung a fist into the man’s face, and cheekbone’s crunched. He wasn’t finished, he wanted blood. Chance’s fist swung, again and again, ruining Tommy’s face even further before Emilio, Phil and Bear pulled him away. Chatter was in his face yelling something and Chance couldn’t focus. Chatter smashed Chance in the jaw and Chance turned fierce eyes to him.
“She wasn’t raped, she wasn’t raped!” Chatter yelled in his face. “They touched her up and groped her, but the girl wasn’t raped. We got here in time!” Chance focussed on his words and then swung free and headed towards his girl. Clio was curled in a tiny ball and shaking. Chance reached for Clio with gentle hands and lifted her onto his lap. She froze like a terrified kitten and then curled her body into his, clutching his tee with a death grip. Chance wrapped his arms around her.
“Nothin’ gonna hurt you again babe, nothin’. You’re mine to protect,” Chance murmured soothingly rubbing Clio’s back. Clio continued to shake and cling to him, refusing to let go when the paramedics arrived. Uniformed officers carted away Tommy and Ron.
“Slimy Sam did it too,” Clio whispered to him. Chance nodded and passed the information to Emilio who stood looking worried, as paramedics tried to get close to Clio who clung to Chance like a limpet. Finally, they agreed for Chance to carry her down to the ambulance. Leslie clambered in beside them, her hands stroking Clio’s mess of hair.
I woke up in a comfortable bed and gazed around in surprise. Sunshine shone through the windows, and I winced at the brightness. Instantly the light dimmed as shutters were dropped. I was in the hospital, with tubes in my hand, and I was tucked in an expensive private room. Chance moved into my line of sight and gave me a small smile. I wondered who was holding my hand and twisting my head, I saw Leslie sitting in a chair next to my bed.
“Call a nurse,” Chance said to Leslie, she squeezed my hand and left in a hurry.
“You okay?” Chance rumbled coming closer. Was I okay? No, but I nodded, perceptive eyes drilled into me, and I turned my gaze away as the door opened, and Leslie returned with two men. Immediately I pulled away and moved towards Chance. Chance stepped next to my bed, and my hand sought his.
“I’m Doc Gibbons, how are you doing young lady?” the doctor asked, an older man with a twinkle in his eyes.
“Okay,” I muttered, keeping a death grip on Chance’s hand.
“Well, the great news is that physically you’re fine apart from a few bruises and your ankles and wrists will be sore for a spell. The rope cut into your ankles when you struggled, rubbing your skin raw, we’ve cleaned and dressed them. Your wrists, while bound with duct tape, are also skinned as you fought to free yourself.