Chance's Hell

Page 36

“No!” I yelled. “I want to fucking know if you’re enjoying watching a video or picture of me where I was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and nearly raped. Not fucking porn, a rape victim!” I screamed at the man holding the phone. A few of the mechanics looked shocked and shamefaced, but the man holding the phone kept leering.
“Get real, look at you, shit between your legs a cock near your mouth, you telling me you weren’t paid for that shit?” he replied and turned the phone. I stared white-faced at the picture, it was true. I had my hands behind me, and my legs were wide open, you could see everything, and I mean everything. There was a thick pink dildo just touching my entrance, and a hand was in my hair holding my head and Tommy’s cock near my mouth. I turned and heaved up my lunch, shaking I heaved again, but the image wouldn’t clear from my mind. A firm hand landed on my back and stroked me as my body shuddered. I wiped my mouth and turned back to the group of men. Apart from the leering one most looked disturbed.
“That’s what gets you off? A woman being assaulted against her will?” I whispered.
“Oh, give it a break sweet-cheeks, you were paid well for this or deserved it,” the man sneered. Two of the assholes standing with him nodded and grinned.
“Deserve it? I did something to deserve it? Like go shopping for ingredients for brownies to make Hellfire cakes, come home and lock my doors behind me? Have my door broken down and a half-naked man slap me and drag me back to his apartment? Where he hit me, stripped me naked and tied me to a bed for three days! Is that deserving it?” I screamed, anger and humiliation rising in me.
“Sweetheart…” the kind man began.
“No!” I hissed. “You got a daughter? Better hope a pervert doesn’t follow her home and kidnap and sexually assault and try to rape her. And then violate her further by putting it out over the internet for perverts to see!” Three of the men paled beneath their tan, and then I was barrelled aside as a figure flew past and latched on to the leering man. I gasped as arms came around me and Tati held me tight as Leslie took my other side. Mere seconds later, another figure barged past, and I stared as Chance and Staffey tore apart three of the men. The noise from the fight gathered onlookers, as Hellfire began appearing from everywhere.
Humiliated, I couldn’t watch and wrenched myself from Tati’s arms and flew across the forecourt. I heard pounding footsteps behind me and doubled my effort, one thing no one apart from Staffey knew was I ran. I’d run since I could remember and now that stamina and speed took over, and I exited the forecourt and flew down the street. Blindly, I turned a corner and kept running, and the sound of feet behind me faded.
Not paying attention I kept running and hit the park, disappearing into it, I fled into the surroundings before finding the place I sought. On arriving in Spearfish, I’d toured the local areas, and in the park, I’d discovered a hole in the bushes on the edge of the small lake. I’d explored further, and to my surprise, the bushes had opened onto the lakeshore. The spot had become my getaway when things got too much, being secluded no one ever bothered me there. Today it was my sanctuary.
“Where would she go?” Chance glared at the group of people around him. Blank faces stared back at him, and Chance slammed his bruised fist into a wall. He’d heard Clio screaming and came to find her yelling at his mechanics. Chance had seen the faces on Darren, Harry and Art and he’d flown for them before checking his girl was okay. His temper had flared, and the red mist descended, Chance wanted blood, and the three men spilt their share of it. By the time Bear and Shee had pulled him away Clio had run, Chance had brothers out searching for her, and he was now hitting frantic.
Staffey’s gaze hit him, and he realised Staffey felt the same. Their girl had been violated again, and by his mechanics, Clio hadn’t been safe in the one place she should have been. With a roar, Chance slammed his fist into the wall, had his violence made her run? Chance gazed at his fist as people murmured around him and bike pipes roared. Had he truly terrified Clio who’d seen enough dark to last a lifetime?
“The park,” Leslie muttered, and his gaze snapped up. “Clio once mentioned she liked the park because it was open and green and peaceful. She loves nature, maybe she headed there?” It was something, Chance acknowledged Leslie with a nod and moved towards the doors of the clubhouse. Speedily jogging to his bike Chance slung a leg over it and throttled the engine and sped off towards the nearest park.
“What we going to do with them?” Levi asked, staring at the assholes laying on the ground.
“They’re fired, hand them over to Lio, distributing porn or something, I’m sure Lio can charge them,” Bear replied.
“And the rest?”
“We’ll find out who else was involved and sack the fuckin’ lot of them, put the word out. Hellfire’s looking for mechanics, at least three,” Bear said as Stan one of the older mechanics approached.
“Grayson was involved, those four were showing us the video, I told them to turn it off, and Darren refused. Kept fucking going on how Chance had got himself a real live porn star and kept showing the video. Asshole wouldn’t stop, told him to turn it off, that it looked real, and the girl looked terrified. But Darren kept banging on how he’d get in her pants next when Chance was done with her,” Stan said. “Made me fucking sick, terror on that girl’s face was real, not acted.”
“You watched it,” Bear said flatly.
“First few seconds was all it took to realise the video was real. I was on my way to get Chance when the girl appeared, I’ll not be forgetting the look on her face for as long as I live Bear. That could have been one of my daughters, and that suck fuck kept banging on how he’d wanked to it.” Bear’s face darkened at Stan’s words, and Levi gave a muffled oath.
“Darren won’t walk again Chance hears that, he’s lucky he’s breathing,” Levi said, and Bear nodded.
“Look, you want to point fingers, nine of us saw it, three of us were disgusted by it, the other six, I ain’t gotta explain. I’ll give you names of all of us present, don’t want to lose my job but there’s common decency, that girl has to return here every day and face us. Will take her some guts to come back, if sacking the nine of us makes it easier for her to return so be it,” Stan said sadly.
“You’ve been here the longest Stan, Chance ain’t gonna be happy, man, that you saw that shit. But the six involved, I want names, they’re gone. You and the other two stay away from Clio until she gets her feet back under her. Clio’s got guts, she’s strong, but at the moment, the girl’s brought low and to her knees. You see or hear any more shit you report it at once, get me?” Bear said poking a finger at Stan. Stan nodded and rattled off the other names before returning to work.
“What a fuckin’ mess, if they didn’t have families be easier to fuckin’ bury them alive,” Bear grumbled to Levi who grinned at the battered figures in front of them. The men were awake although beaten badly, Chance and Staffey had beaten them to a pulp.
“Fuck explaining this one to Lio,” Levi smirked, and Bear shot him a look.
“Seems to my recollection they waved that video of Clio about and when she asked nicely for them to delete it, assholes got grabby. They threw the first punch when Staffey and Chance came over,” Bear replied.
“Funny that’s my recollection too,” Tati said from behind, and they jumped. Big Al’s old lady walked over and crouched in front of Darren, who could barely open his eyes. “This is for Clio,” Tati said before spitting in his face and taking aim, kicked him hard between his legs. Darren squealed and fell on his side as Tati strutted her shit back out of the clubhouse.
“Fuck me that woman’s vicious,” Levi winced as he pulled his phone to call Lio.
“Why do you think Big Al loves her so fucking much?” Bear asked.