Chance's Hell

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Hellfire is giving you this choice; one can utilise once we’ve been paid back. Both of you can start paying a percentage of your profits to Hellfire. Say for our third was sixty thousand, when Leslie pays back her sixty thousand Hellfire fronted for her, she has the option to continue paying and buy us out of half of our share. Clio can do the same, and we’d sign the other half back to her.
Hellfire walks away with a bit extra money because we’d still be collecting a third of the profits until you buy us out. But this option gives you girls the chance to buy Hellfire out completely. And it doesn’t matter who does so first because in black and white, legally you’d get your half once the investment costs were paid back and you bought us out.
Hellfire will have the contracts drawn up and pay for a lawyer of your own choice to go through them,” Rooster said, and Leslie sat back stunned. Now that was a cracking offer, and generous because Hellfire shouldn’t have to bow out.
“Or how about we change that up,” Leslie said and received two pairs of narrowed eyes levelled at her. “Instead of giving up Hellfire’s third, you get to keep ten percent and give up the rest to Clio and I. Forty-five percent each and Hellfire ten percent, that makes me happier, because why the hell should Hellfire walk away from a business making a profit? It’s not right Hellfire front everything and then walks away, even if you make a slight profit.
I suggest you leave the percentage we pay back variable, one month we may do better than another. So, Clio and I could pay back extra, I prefer that option,” Leslie said firmly and folded her arms and met Rooster stare for stare.
“Me too,” I blurted, and it was my turn to match Chance stare for stare. Chance broke the deadlock and engaged in a silent conversation with Rooster.
“Deal, we’ll get contracts drawn up within a week, you wanna see our plans for the shop?” Chance finally said, and my eyes narrowed. If Chance had already had plans made up, he’d been pretty confident of Leslie and me. Leslie thought the same.
“Women, one way or another you were getting your tearoom,” Chance muttered, and Leslie sent Chance a glower and then broke into a smile.
“Chance Michaelson!” Leslie chided and put her hands up in the air. Chance gave Leslie a slight smile and dropped a kiss on my mouth as he rose to his feet.
“Got shit to do, will be back later, remember baby, don’t leave Hellfire without a brother or Tati at your back,” he warned. Now warned, I nodded and watched as Chance strode his fine ass out of the door and then got down to business with Rooster.
To my surprise, several hours passed as Rooster went over every fine detail. Even to the point of grabbing a laptop and using a design programme on there to design the shop. Leslie and I pointed out where we wanted changes and then when we were happy, Rooster saved the whole thing. I asked Rooster where Chance was likely to be, and he told me bay five as Chance was working on an engine today. Rooster walked me to the doorway of the clubhouse and pointed me in the right direction.
“This is still Hellfire?” I asked Rooster before exiting the clubhouse. With a puzzled look, he nodded. “Chance told me not to leave Hellfire, I’m just making sure I’m doing as he asked. I don’t want to worry him,” I said. Rooster broke into a gentle smile and tugged my hair in a sign of affection, I guessed and turned me to bay five.
“Chance is there, you can spy those legs of his poking from under the car,” Rooster said. I began walking across the forecourt towards Chance. I saw four men standing near bay one in mechanics uniform and nodded but didn’t approach because I didn’t see a cut or recognise a brother. One of them followed me with his eyes, and I was uncomfortable as he gave me a sudden wink, and I looked away. As I closed in on bay five, I sensed eyes on me and when I quickly glanced back. The four men watched me with smirks and leers on their faces.
This wasn’t normal, I understood that, no man smirked or leered at a woman like that unless they’d seen something they shouldn’t have. A sinking feeling hit, and I paused mid-step to blink back tears, I was supposed to make Chance laugh not be sad. Taking a firm grip on my emotions, I sent the four men a dirty look and two blanched but the other two kept leering, and one had his phone out. Instantly I knew, he’d either a photo of my attack or the video. I’d two choices, confront them, or ignore them, I was about to engage them when the legs in front of me twitched and caught my attention.
Happily, I broke into a smile and strode over to where Chance was under the vehicle. I pondered how to get his attention and finally got on my knees on the floor and bent my head beneath the car. Chance was frowning up at rusty pipework and cursing under his breath.
“Hey baby,” I said, and with a loud oath, Chance jolted upright and banged his head. Shit, that didn’t go to plan, dazed, Chance stared at me, staring at him, and I began blushing. His feet dug into the ground as Chance pulled himself out from under the car and in one fell swoop dragged me into his lap and kissed me.
“Ouch,” I said when Chance broke the kiss, and I saw the red mark on his forehead, his eyes twinkled, and he grinned.
“Worth a bang for that kiss baby,” Chance rumbled holding me.
“It didn’t go as planned,” I explained as I got to my feet. Chance rose to his first and hauled me up. He checked my clothing for dirty handprints and looked smug when there wasn’t any. Amused Chance dragged a rag from his back pocket and wiped a handprint off my face as I poked my tongue out at him. Chance chuckled and wiped his hands on the rag and then drew me close and kissed me again. His hands slid into the back of my jeans pockets as he cupped my ass and held on tight.
“Missed this,” Chance muttered as the kiss ended.
“I’ve only been gone a few hours,” I laughed and patted his chest.
“Don’t care, I’m becomin’ addicted Goddess,” he muttered, and my eyes lit up as he called me his nickname for the first time.
“Wanna go get lunch?” he asked, and I nodded. Chance wrapped and arm around my shoulders hauling me into him, and I smelled sweat and oil, it wasn’t off-putting but purely Chance’s unique scent. I sniffed surreptitiously, and Chance sent me a sidelong glance as he realised what I’d just done. Shoving my blush down, I refused to feel embarrassed and enjoyed the smell of the man I loved.
I nearly stumbled when I realised what I’d thought, when had that happened? It wasn’t any use denying it, I’d fallen head over heels with Chance, despite his rough edges and manners. It had only taken a few days and could love happen that quick? I guessed so, Chance was one in a million, and if I didn’t appreciate that, then I did Chance and myself an injustice by denying love.
No bull, this had been a freaking week from hell, the weirdest in my life. Fired, standing up to Benny, money, kidnapped and attacked, loved, and cared for, a heck of a rollercoaster ride, and one that just didn’t happen to me. I was nothing special, pretty but not beautiful, curvy in the right places, I tried to be kind and generous and a decent human being. This love story happened in books, the hero sweeping in and saving the heroine, not in real life. Yet, there’s always a yet or but, right? Nevertheless, this was happening to me, and Chance made a damn fine hero.
“Clio?” Chance asked as my thoughts rambled on, he wore a curious look on his face.
“I love you, it’s too soon and too damn early, but I don’t care, I love you. You’re everything I dreamed of, standing, hiding and watching you, I made up a dream of who you are. The real version is so much better, you’re everything I could ever desire, and I love you,” I babbled, and Chance’s eyebrows shot upwards disappearing into his hairline.
“No, don’t, don’t say it back when you don’t feel the same, it’s okay, all you need to know is I love you, and that’s what counts. It’s fine if you don’t feel the same, and this is moving so quickly, so damn quick, who falls in love after a few days? I do, obviously! But I want you to know, I love you, and I mean that from the bottom of my soul. You’re it for me, there’ll never be another,” I broke off and stared at him.