Chance's Hell

Page 39

“It’ll be okay,” I muttered blushing, but Chance’s eyes never left me. “What is it?” I asked suddenly alarmed, there was a seriousness to his face.
“Didn’t use protection,” Chance said, and I froze in bed, and his body matched mine. Damn, how could I be so stupid? I wasn’t sure how Chance felt about having children now, he’d told me he wanted them, but we were just starting out.
“Is that bad?” I whispered, refusing to look away.
“For me no, if you’re knocked up, I’m happy, but for you Goddess, you’re young, just starting out, I didn’t fuckin’ think!” Chance exclaimed, angry at himself, I realised.
“If I’m pregnant so be it, we can manage, we’ll always manage,” I reassured Chance while my mind whirled. Chance was right, we were just starting out, the tearoom was just beginning, and this thing with Slimy Sam hung over our heads.
“Manage?” Chance mused picking up a piece of toast and biting into it. “Clio, would you be happy is what I’m asking?” I thought hard and while I did Chance got tenser and tenser. I finally understood if I was pregnant, it was meant to be, there was never a right time for children. If you waited for the right time, then you’d die before you became a parent. Mind made up, I cupped Chance’s face, I locked eyes and held his gaze.
“It’s not planned, but it wouldn’t be unwelcome to carry our child. Just means it happened sooner rather than later, if I’m pregnant, it’s meant to happen Chance,” I spoke with as much conviction as I could gather. Chance’s eyes flashed, and his mouth caught mine in a deep, wet kiss, and I returned it with vigour. Chance broke off with a chuckle as he realised where I was trying to lead the kiss.
“Not today, baby, you’re going to be very sore, eat!” Chance commanded and shoved a piece of bacon in my mouth as I started to argue. Thwarted, I giggled as I chewed the bacon and to my glee Chance fed me the rest of our shared breakfast. A few drops of grease fell on my breasts and each time Chance licked them off happily. After breakfast, Chance ran a warm bath and climbed in too and gently bathed and washed me. He conditioned my hair twice to remove the knots and brushed them away.
Today was Saturday and Chance had promised to take me fishing, I’d never been before and wasn’t too sure that I’d enjoy it. But Chance had been over the moon to share something he enjoyed with me, and I wouldn’t knock it. Any time we spent together was well worth it, even if it meant putting worms on a hook, which made me squirm. Dressed in jeans, jumper and boots with thick wool socks, I hoped I’d be warm enough. Chance wore the same with his cut over the top, I was rather shocked because I was used to Chance in jeans, tee and boots. Just changing the tee to a cream wool jumper made Chance look different.
Chance packed a picnic, and we strolled down to the lake, I carried the basket while Chance carried fishing rods, bait and a cool box. Warily following Chance out onto the wooden deck, I gazed at the wooden boat there. I’d never been on a boat, and this one didn’t fill me with confidence. The boat sported a few repairs and a rusted motor and didn’t look too steady.
“Chance is this safe?” I blurted afraid of climbing on board.
“Would I endanger the woman I love?” Chance returned.
“No!” I drawled, and Chance quirked an eyebrow.
“It’s safe darlin’,” Chance tried to reassure and stepped into the boat, it rocked under his feet, and I eyed it cautiously.
“Uh-huh,” I muttered as I took Chance’s outstretched hand and stepped into the small boat. Chance grinned and settled me on a bench and stored our items at the bottom of the boat. The boat rocked gently in the lake’s water, but I was far from being reassured. My fingers snuck around the bench in a death grip.
“It’s fine Clio, and you can swim, can’t you?” Chance said with a hint of exasperation in his voice. Dumbly, I nodded, as Chance started the engine, and the boat glided out onto the water. Despite the appearance, the engine was quieter than I’d expected, and I relaxed under the warm sun. There was a fresh breeze coming off the lake, and I was thankful I’d worn a thick jumper. Chance stopped the boat in the middle of the lake, and I looked on amused as he dropped a small anchor over the side.
“An anchor?” I asked the obvious.
“This is the best spot, and we don’t want to drift.” Chance replied, as he busied himself readying the fishing rods. I didn’t comment as Chance showed me the bait and I cringed back at the wriggly mass in a tin. Chance chuckled, and after an adamant shake of my head, loaded up the fishing rod. To our amusement, I made a real hash of casting the fishing line, after attempt number thirty-something, I finally cast the rod. Chance sat with his back to the boat and me curled under his arm as we held our rods and sat in peaceful silence. Minutes ticked past, and I relaxed under the breeze, and warmth of the sun. That is until my line jerked.
“Chance!” I exclaimed as it jerked again. Chance sat up the drowsy expression on his face fading to one of excitement.
“You’re a natural!” Chance exclaimed happily. A natural Chance might think I am, but I’d no idea what to do with a jerking line. Deftly Chance began showing me how to reel the fish in, and I sweated as the struggling fish I’d hooked fought back.
“Keep going Goddess,” Chance encouraged, laughing at my quick comment asking if the lake stocked sharks. My arms ached unused to the exercise when finally, I pulled a slimy fish from the lake. The thing stared at me as I stared back, and my lip curled in distaste.
“It’s freaking ugly, what is it?” I gasped as the fish flopped around, I shunted backwards away from the frantically flopping thing.
“A trout darlin’, good eating,” Chance replied.
“I don’t want to eat it!” I cried guiltily.
“Why do you think we came fishing, fresh fish cooked over an open fire,” Chance grinned as I shook my head and squealed as the fish flopped nearer.
“Put it back!” I demanded, and Chance broke into out and out laughing. And that was when disaster hit, I’d lifted my pole with the trout still attached. Chance reached for it, unhooking the fish so he could throw it back. But the fish had its own mind, with a determined flip the fish landed in my lap. Panicked, I screamed to high heaven, jumping to my feet and rocking the boat madly.
“Clio sit down!” Chance ordered as his large hands caught the fish and launched it into the lake. But my balance had gone, and with a high-pitched squeal, I fell backwards over the side of the boat. Water flooded my mouth as I sank into the lake and I swallowed before realising, and a figure dived in straight after me. A hand caught mine, and I was dragged upwards, and my head broke water. Instantly I began shivering, and I turned furiously to Chance who was dying laughing.
“You’re okay!” Chance spluttered between bursts of laughter. I slapped the water with my hand spraying his laughing face. No, I was not okay, I was soaking wet, I’d been attacked by a trout, and I swallowed lake water, contaminated with only God knows what. Chance swam us both over to the boat.
With a heave, Chance shoved me up, and I clutched the sides and hauled myself over where I collapsed in a sodden mess. Chance’s head appeared, followed by his shoulders and then the rest of Chance landed next to me as he remained chuckling. Crazily, I felt like beaning Chance over the head with one of the oars attached to the boat, and instead, I slapped him in the face with my wet jumper.
“It’s not funny!” I snapped, and Chance let out a final chuckle before dragging me into his arms. Without a word, Chance began stripping my clothes off me and in seconds had me wrapped in a soft blanket.