Chance's Hell

Page 41

“Think? Nope,” I said shortly taking time to study Maura as she studied me. I let sympathy show on my face and Maura’s eyes flashed in fury.
“Good, you know your place,” Maura snapped, and in response, I threw my head back and laughed. Surprise crossed several people’s faces, Chance caught my eyes, and I saw he was torn. Chance wanted to interfere, but if he did, he’d undermine me.
“Oh I do, on the back of Chance’s bike, in his bed every night and at his side as his old lady,” I said when I finally stopped laughing. Maura’s eyes narrowed.
“Don’t expect Chance in your bed every night, I claimed him,” Maura said, and I laughed again, although I shook deep inside.
“Doubt it, you don’t claim a brother, they claim you, then and only then do you have permission to claim them. Did Chance claim you? Nope, Chance fucked you twice and then cast you away honey, stop before you embarrass yourself.” I drew on my inner bitch and channelled her. The fact my inner bitch sounded a lot like Phoe, and Tati didn’t matter, she was there and fighting.
“Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?” Maura snapped, temper flaring.
“Someone who isn’t worth my breath, now twaddle on Maura, you’re interrupting an important conversation about shopping,” I said and wiggled my fingers. Tati giggled, and several male chuckles came from behind us. Maura flushed an angry shade of red, and I turned my back on her, trusting Tati to warn me if Maura came at my back.
“Think you’re high and mighty Miss Porn Star?” Maura sneered, and slowly I turned back to her and held her eyes.
“I see you think you know something, which you don’t,” I thanked God my voice held steady. “The fact you’d take a horrific experience, where a woman was kidnapped, held hostage, stripped naked, tied up and forced to do things. Then nearly raped and murdered, says lots about your personality.
It says that you’re petty, spiteful, hateful, and nasty, why on earth do you think Chance would claim you? What do you think you could give him? A good fuck now and then, maybe, but that’s it, you know Chance, what type of man he is, he wants sweet in his bed, not bitter. Go away Maura, you’ve embarrassed yourself!” I exclaimed and gave Maura one more glance up and down and turned my back again.
“Don’t you turn your back on me!” Maura screeched.
“Why not? You’re nothing to me,” I tossed over a shoulder and leant forward to pick up my drink.
“I’ll fight you for Chance!” Maura cried, and acting stunned, I turned my head to her.
“Fight you? Why on earth would I get physical with you and lower myself to your standards? I don’t have to fight over Chance, I claimed Chance when he claimed me, I’ve nothing to prove. While you run your wicked tongue, you show yourself in a poor light and not me. Chance may have dipped his cock in you, but he never returned to you, never put you on the back of his bike and never claimed you.
This scene is pathetic and desperate, to be honest honey, it’s tragic that you’re that desperate for a man. But fighting you, dear god did I go back ten years and revisit high school? Anyone? No, wow, then I guess I’m the adult here, and you’re the child,” I replied calmly watching fury erupt behind those cunning eyes. I rose to my feet, and while Maura towered over me, I held her gaze.
“This clubhouse is for adults, not children, children don’t belong in a clubhouse where there’s sex and booze. When you’re an adult, you may return, or not, depends on my mood but for now, leave.” I put determination into my voice and let her know whatever outcome she wanted; Maura wouldn’t get.
“You’ve no power here,” Maura crowed, and I turned and studied the brothers. I could have picked Banshee or Bear, but instead, I turned to two brothers I’d not really interacted with.
“Shotgun, Chatter, please put the child out,” I asked politely and waited. My insides turned to jelly, this was my test, if the brother’s refused to throw Maura out, I’d be humiliated and never gain respect.
Seconds ticked by and the feeling of dread slowly eroded away at my confidence. Triumph erupted in Maura’s eyes, but I held my stance, shoulders back, head held high and then Chatter moved swiftly followed by Shotgun. They both took one of Maura’s sides, and Maura grinned thinking they were there to support her. While I could read nothing in Chatter’s eyes, pride shone in Shotguns.
“Time to leave bitch,” Chatter ground out and Maura still didn’t realise he meant her. Maura flicked fingers at me, and instead of replying, I turned my back and sat down. I began speaking to Tati as she struggled to hide her pride and glee. A shriek echoed, and I ignored Maura until she came into my line of sight. Chatter and Shotgun both had hold of her and were dragging her towards the clubhouse door.
“What are you doing? Let go, Chatter!” Maura shrieked. The four women who’d come in with her looked stunned as the men dragged Maura towards the doors.
“Oh Maura,” I said loudly and stared at the woman. She turned to me with intense dislike on her face, “you’re banned for life, set foot on Hellfire again, and I won’t hesitate to have that message drummed into you.” To my gratification, Maura began shrieking and yelling like a Harpy as the two brothers threw her out. Maura kicked the doors and pounded, Chatter disappeared through them, and I heard another yell.
“Anyone else have an issue?” I asked looking around and then staring straight at the four women who’d entered with Maura. Head shakes abounded, but the four women kept staring, unsure what to do.
“Not me,” Kitty said into the silence.
“You four, make your minds up, you’re with Maura or not, decide now,” I ordered. Two of the women moved and left the clubhouse, the other two stayed, I gave them a nod, and they warily returned it. “Get a drink, ladies and relax, no more drama tonight,” I said and finally turned to Tati.
“You were amazing,” Tati hissed.
“I’m not a fighter, but I’m good with words,” I said. “Jeez, Tati I was shaking inside, especially when Chatter and Shotgun hesitated.” Tati leaned forward and grabbed my hands which were shaking.
“You did well,” Tati soothed.
“I hate confrontation, but if I didn’t stand up to Maura today, I’d never have respect, and as Chance claimed me, I need that respect.”
“Yes, you did, as I told you, use your brain, you won that honey and won the respect of the brothers. You didn’t have a melt-down over your attack which is what Maura wanted, you held onto your dignity and threw everything back in Maura’s bitch face. I’m dead proud of you, and so’s Phoe.”