Chance's Hell

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“Was fuckin’ funny, the expression of horror as you tipped over the side. No woman can say I’ve taken her fishing apart from Phoe, and ya know Phoe’s a sister. You’re the first I’ve spent time with like this, and the first one who can claim one of my fish attacked her!” Chance chuckled again, and I finally saw the funny side of it. Hysterically laughing, I could only imagine the look on my face as the trout landed in my lap and then as I arm wheeled over the side of the boat. Chance joined in my laugher, and he clasped me close before kissing me.
“There she is, my girl who can see the light in the dark,” Chance murmured gazing at me with love shining in his eyes. Gently, I thumped Chance in his abs.
“And my guy can freaking get me back to shore so I can clean up. Never thought I’d be squeamish Chance, but I want to wash this muck away,” I grinned.
“Bet that trout is telling his pals he’s the one who got away,” Chance chuckled as yanked on the cord for the engine. Silence rang out instead of the purr of the motor, and Chance pulled again. Chance pushed a button twice and then repeated the yanking several times before he turned sheepishly.
“Oh no, mister!” I said, waggling a finger. “Start rowing!” I pointed at the two oars attached to the sides and Chance gave the distant shoreline a resigned look. Chance tried starting the engine two more times before sighing and unhooking the oars. Revenge was sweet, I smiled sweetly at Chance as he placed the oars in the mounts and began rowing. The breeze tickled my hair, helping the sun dry it, and by the time Chance had rowed us back, I was dry. Still, I raced up the dock and hit the shower while Chance tied up the boat.
When I came down, Chance hit the shower and together in similar clothes to what we’d worn on the boat, and we ate our picnic sat in the garden under a tree. Despite my soaking, when Chance asked if I’d go fishing again, I agreed, with one amendment. Chance had to bring the fish onboard, and he’d kill and gut them away from me!
Tati and Leslie both threw their heads back and laughed as I retold the drama of the fishing. I’d expected nothing less, and I could join in the amusement, Bear had teased me, offering to come next time. After all, it was common knowledge that bears were great fishing experts. I’d sent Bear a mock glare, and Hellfire’s gentle giant broke into rumbles of laughter surprising me.
The story had made the rounds of Hellfire, and while I came in for good-natured teasing, and I loved the way the brothers felt comfortable enough to tease me. Even Phoe phoned, laughing hysterically, Phoe told her own story of how on her first trip she’d thrown the fish at Chance and it had slithered down his tee. Chance was the one who’d ended up in the water that time while Phoe peered anxiously over the boat, frightened she’d killed Hellfire’s President. I laughed and make a mental note to tease Chance that every time he took a woman he loved out on the lake, Chance ended up in the water.
Chance told me we were staying late tonight and sleeping at the clubhouse. It was the first time we’d done so since my release from the hospital, and I was looking forward to seeing what Hellfire got up to. It differed from what I’d expected, mainly they hung around and sank a few drinks. Someone called in a pizza delivery, and I spent half an hour teasing Shee about our shopping trip when Tati asked him to accompany us on the next one.
About six o’clock women began arriving, I’d not seen any during the day, but I expected this. Tati had tried to prepare me ahead of time, but I was still shocked at the way some of them were dressed, their clothes barely covered their bits. Talk about blatantly showing your wares, I stifled a chuckle at one girl’s thickly painted on make-up.
“Jeez, she use a trowel or what?” Tati muttered, as we sat on the best sofa near the bar. A rickety coffee table was in front of us with my diet coke on and Tati’s beer. I wasn’t a huge drinker, far preferring soft drinks to alcohol. If I had to name a drink, I’d pick southern comfort, I loved the smoothness of the drink as it slid down my throat. I looked up as a woman approached our table, Tati smiled warmly, and I gave her a hesitant smile. The woman hooked a chair and dragged it around and sat down smiling.
“I’m Kitty,” she said, and her voice held a sexy huskiness.
“Hi, I’m Clio,” I replied and took the hand that Kitty held out.
“Kitty is the head of the…” Tati broke off with a slight blush, Kitty roared with laughter.
“I control the skanks. Been around a long time Clio but I’m past pushing my breasts up and having my parts hanging out,” Kitty ended on a chuckle.
“Oh, I don’t know how to comment on that!” I exclaimed, and Kitty gave me a warm glance.
“It’s okay sweetie, I wanted to meet Chance’s old lady, the only woman he’s ever claimed and get a handle on you. Chance has done lots for me over the years, employed my son, helped my daughter get into college, I’ve respect for the man. Can tell you’re good people,” Kitty said, sitting back and crossing her jean-clad legs.
“Ah, so you and Chance…” I let the sentence drift off, and Kitty shook her head.
“Nope, not even a kiss, Chance rarely picked from the skanks around here, he’s choosy, and there haven’t been a lot of women for Chance. The others, however… well they aren’t as choosy,” Kitty replied, setting me at ease.
“Okay,” I said, not sure how to feel, I knew there’d have been women before me, Chance was almost double my age. He wouldn’t be a virgin, but I’d never considered the other women he may have slept with. Then again, Chance wasn’t with them now, he chose me, put me on the back of his bike, that gave me the information I needed.
“I introduced myself because I heard Maura is due to come tonight. Honey, you need to stake your claim on Chance and put Maura in her place. Maura’s a nasty piece of work, and unfortunately one of those Chance took to bed. Only a few times but that gave her the impression she had a claim on him. Maura will come gunning for you Clio, so be ready,” Kitty said softly. Worried, I glanced at Tati and found her nodding her head in agreement with Kitty.
“I’m not a fighter,” I whispered to the two women.
“You have power, use it sweetie,” Kitty said and leaned forward and patted my hand.
“Yup, Staffey told me the same, he’s my Dad, you know?” I said, pointing Staffey out where he held a beer and was talking to Celt and Pyro.
“I heard, congratulations on your adoption!” Kitty grinned and rose to her feet. “Use your brain sweetie, Maura can be handled without violence, although she prefers violence.” Kitty’s face twisted in dislike, and then she walked away. As Kitty did so, the clubhouse doors opened, and a woman strode in surrounded by four more. My eyebrows shot into my hairline at the entrance, and I turned to Tati.
“Let me guess… that’s Maura,” I said and checked the woman out again. She was around my age, I thought at first, but the second glance showed lines around her eyes and mouth. No, Maura was at least ten years older than me. Maura wore a blue push-up bra that her tank top barely covered. An extremely short pair of shorts just covered what they needed to, but as she turned, I saw her ass cheeks hanging out. She wore gold stripper heels and her make-up like so many others, was plastered on with a pallet knife.
Maura was taller than me with teased out brown hair hanging past her shoulders and had an hourglass figure I envied. I could see the attraction, she’d an attractive face, but the hardness of her mouth and eyes ruined it for her. Ah yes, this woman wanted blood, and as her eyes settled on me, it was apparent Maura wanted mine. In an attempt to play mind games, she drifted across the clubhouse to the bar and spoke to Smokey one of the prospects. In a deliberate snub, I turned my back on her as Maura glanced at me sideways.
Tension settled over the clubhouse, and I ignored it, the skanks were on alert waiting to see what would happen. The brothers were alert, but for a different reason, this was my opportunity to prove I was the head old lady. However, with a wink at Tati, I kept my back to Maura showing she didn’t concern me. Approval hit me, and I knew Chance was observing, and my actions had shown bravery, although I was shaking inside. I continued to talk to Tati about the next shopping trip she’d planned and discuss which brother would accompany us. Big Al was out, he hated shopping Tati had just informed me when vibes hit me, and a voice spoke behind me.
“You think you’ve a claim on Chance?” Maura said. Keeping my eyes on Tati, I leant forward and picked up my drink and took a sip before putting it back. Then I turned to Maura, who was pissed I’d not reacted immediately. Tati grinned as I turned.