Chance's Hell

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Chance is well known across many MC’s, some disagree with his policies, others envy him and Drake and seek to emulate them. Don’t see that as bad, baby, but understand, as Chance’s old lady you’re going to be extremely prominent. You got the strength chickadee, got the guts to lead the old ladies, believe in yourself and lean on those around you for advice.
Hellfire has a sister, unheard of, but lean on Phoenix, she straddles two clubs, one as a sister and the other as head old lady. Phoenix can teach you a shit load and so can Tati, ain’t no messin’ with Tati. Let them lead but know this, you’re gonna have to learn to put skanks and bitches in their places and lay claim to your man.”
“Staffey I’m not a fighter, I’ve never been scrappy,” I denied my gut turning to lead.
“Ain’t gotta be scrappy chickadee, you got a brain, use it. Now tell me about this venture Chance is on about for you and my woman,” Staffey demanded. Now that was a story I wanted.
“You tell me about Leslie,” I demanded back, and Staffey laughed.
“There ya go chickadee, putting your foot down. Never thought I’d find Leslie in South Dakota, funny how the world works. Leslie and I met when we were ten, became friends overnight. She was a bonny lass, all hair and enormous eyes, and developed into a fuckin’ beautiful teen and then woman. My feelings changed for her at fifteen, and we began dating, wrapped around each other until she turned twenty-one.
That’s when Del entered her life, he’d money, chops and looks, and was going places. All I could offer was a grease monkey with no prospects and no real future. Leslie never strayed, not once, I knew she compared us, but the woman loved me. I loved Leslie enough to set her free, broke our hearts, but two years later she married Del and had kids. Been over thirty years since I last saw her, ain’t gonna fuck about now, I want her, I’m havin’ her. Caused Leslie a shit load of hurt, gonna soothe that away and be the man she needs. I got skills, can help out around Hellfire or find work,” Staffey mused.
“Leslie’s the one who got away,” I said, and Staffey nodded.
“Did she ever, no woman came close, not even Diana, Leslie with her beautiful smile and generous spirit and claimed my heart. Only one other girl got through my barriers, and she’s my daughter and sits in front of me now. You healed a shit load of the pain I carried around chickadee, you needed me more than my pain did. Those big eyes of yours Clio, reached out and grabbed my frozen heart and I became the better man for havin’ you in my life.” Staffey reached out and touched my face.
“I missed you,” I choked out on a half sob. Staffey reached out and hauled me into his side.
“Missed you to chickadee,” he whispered back.
“Don’t leave me again,” I begged.
“Ain’t ever gonna leave you girl, but you’re gonna sign those adoption papers,” Staffey chuckled, and I let out a tremulous giggle.
“Okay, Dad,” I whispered, and Staffey froze.
“Say it again.”
“Dad,” I whispered, and my eyes met Chance’s green molten ones, he’d done good.
Chapter Six.
Despite my happiness and wanting to take things to the next level with Chance, it didn’t happen that night or the following morning. Instead, I ended up hammered with Tati, as I waxed lyrical about Staffey being my new Dad and being adopted at twenty-four. I then blathered on like an idiot about how sexy Chance was and how hot he looked in his ripped tight jeans. My memory sent me snapshots of Chance looking utterly bemused and smug. Embarrassed, I groaned as I rolled over and met a pair of amused eyes.
“Let me die!” I moaned and pulled a pillow over my head. Chance’s chuckle echoed, and I winced under the pillow even though he’d kept his voice low.
“Sit up, Goddess,” Chance whispered, and I grunted in disgust from the safety of the pillow. Even that grunt made my head hurt.
“Please leave me alone, I want to die,” I groaned at the jackhammers pounding away in my head. What on earth had caused me to believe I could keep up with Tati?
“Sit up baby and take these,” Chance insisted, and I swatted at the annoying man like he was a pesky fly. Had I thought I was safe with Chance? Not when he poked me to move and sit up, that was sheer cruelty! The pillow was whipped away, and the bed dipped as Chance sat next to me, and gentle hands lifted me into his lap. My body bent with Chance’s as he reached to the side table and grabbed a glass of water and two tablets.
Mindless of manners, I grabbed and choked them down and then curled into a ball on Chance’s lap. Chance’s chest shook as he suppressed laughter, and his hand came down on my back and began idly stroking me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head into his throat. Chance rumbled and then with a slow move shifted us both full length onto the bed, and I burrowed into his body. His arm reached across, and I heard the pings of a phone’s buttons being punched, and then Chance dropped it behind me.
“Close your eyes, Goddess,” Chance murmured, his hand soothed my hair, and I drifted back off to sleep despite the pounding in my head.
The next time I woke, the sun was high in the sky, and I was wrapped around Chance who was laid out beside me. Chance was tapping on his phone, and mysteriously, I’d ended up lying diagonally across the bed. My head lay on his flat stomach, and my feet dangled off the end of the bed.
“How you feel?” Chance rumbled, and I winced, but his voice wasn’t as abrasive as it had been this morning.
“Better, those pills helped,” I replied and twisted my head. Yup, that was good, no nausea or dizziness, I gingerly lifted my head and stared into Chance’s eyes.
“Good, lazy day today, I’ve called in, we’ll spend the day watching movies or something,” Chance said, an evil twinkle lighting his eyes. “Maybe order pizza.”
“Chance!” I groaned, and he chuckled as I rolled over and buried my head in a pillow. A sharp slap on my butt made me jump, and I glared.
“Get you a bath on Goddess,” he said, climbing out of bed. I watched his ass walk to the bathroom and drooled. The sound of water running hit me, and my bladder protested, clambering to my feet, I waited until Chance walked out and darted unsteadily past him. Once my needs had been taken care of, and I brushed my teeth, I headed back to the comfort of bed only to be snagged around the waist by Chance. He carefully picked me up and walked back into the bathroom where he sat me on the toilet and undressed me with a wicked glint.