Chance's Hell

Page 49

“Holy shit, what’s with these bikers and how they kiss?” Zoey uttered, and I giggled in response. “Why does no one kiss me like that?”
“Now say you’re too old woman,” Staffey rumbled. Leslie was in his arms still and blushing prettily. She opened her mouth to argue, and Staffey claimed it once again. The peanut gallery cheered Staffey on, and he waved a hand at them from behind Leslie’s back. Laughter broke out as he released Leslie and held her close.
“Anything else you want to comment on?” Staffey said, and for the second time, Leslie opened her mouth to argue, and for the third time, Staffey kissed her.
“Will you stop kissing me into silence!” Leslie exclaimed when he released her.
“When you stop bullshit from leaving those beautiful lips I will, no, I’m lying, I won’t,” Staffey said grinning, and everyone laughed again.
“Samuel Staffey you’re making a scene,” Leslie batted at his hands as Staffey tried to reach for her.
“Woman, tonight, back of my bike, dinner, bath and bed,” Staffey said and before Leslie could argue he sauntered out of the door. Actually, Staffey didn’t saunter, he strutted, and I began laughing again. Customers returned to their tables, the display over, but many wore smiles and were amused. Leslie scurried to the kitchen, cheeks burning, and I decided to give her time. An hour later we left together handing the tearoom over to Kris, he’d done an outstanding job so far, shutting everything down and cleaning. Our confidence in Kris hadn’t been displaced.
Wraith was our guard again, and he kept sending Leslie sideway glances as she blushed red as she spied Staffey, legs splayed apart straddling his bike. Staffey’s arms were folded across his chest, and Leslie grew even redder as she missed a step and stumbled. Wraith’s hand shot out and caught her and Leslie regained her balance.
“Go, you deserve this second chance, make the most of it,” I whispered turning and hugging Leslie tightly. For once Leslie didn’t hesitate, and she scurried across the road and climbed on the bike. Staffey shoved a helmet on her head, and the bike roared away with them both on it.
“You look amused,” Wraith said quietly.
“It’s cute, they’re cute, I love them both to bits and want them to be happy,” I replied.
“Sort yourself and Chance out,” Wraith ordered as Chance came into few and it was my turn to blush. Unconsciously mimicking Staffey’s stance, Chance looked even more masculine for it. Although I was still peeved at him, Chance on his bike was an incredible sight to behold. Chance cocked his head, I jogged over, and he rammed my helmet on, and I swung up behind him. Resting my head on Chance’s back, I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed, I was still mad, but I didn’t want to stay that way. His hand gave my clenched ones a squeeze, and then the bike vibrated between my legs as Chance gunned the throttle and we shot off home.
Not going to lie, that night was awkward, our conversation was stilted, and while we were both holding firm to our opinions, we went to bed together. As I settled in, Chance wrapped his powerful body around mine, and I knew then, that no matter what happened, we’d come through it. Chance was possessive, it was evident in every action, I had to allow him leeway, but he had to apologise for mistaking what he’d seen. Chance also had to apologise for acting as if I was a possession, a belonging, I was a human being with a personality of my own.
We were both shaken out of sleep by Chance’s phone ringing vigorously. Grumpily I rolled over and buried my head in Chance’s chest, wrapping my arms and legs around him as he reached for the annoying thing.
“What?” Chance growled down the phone. An angry male voice answered, and then Chance growled.
“What the fuck?” Chance exploded, and my eyes jerked open. Dark vibes seeped from Chance, and I sat up, the sheets pooling around my waist. The other voice answered, and I blearily stared at the alarm clock and saw it was three in the morning. What had happened now?
“On our way, hold that fuckin’ bitch,” Chance growled and slung the phone back on the bedside table.
“What’s happened?” I asked, not wanting to get out of bed but having a feeling I’d have to which was annoying.
“Get dressed Goddess, we gotta ride,” Chance said as he climbed out of bed. His taut naked butt caught my attention as Chance strolled across the bedroom to a chair where he’d thrown his clothes earlier.
“Ride?” I asked sleepily, screw riding, I wanted to sleep.
“Now Goddess, get dressed, we’re needed at Hellfire,” I moved knowing that whoever had called wouldn’t have unless it was necessary. Tiredly I pulled on underwear and shoved into my jeans and yanked on a sweatshirt before pushing my feet into boots. Chance removed the heavy riding jacket I wore from our walk-in and tugged it over my arms.
“If what I just got told is true, I’m sorry Goddess, and the bitch is done,” Chance bizarrely muttered and then walked out of the cabin. The bike roared and a short ride later we pulled in outside the clubhouse. Not any further awake, I got off the bike and Chance wrapped an arm firmly around my shoulder before walking into the building. The clubhouse was dimly lit, so I didn’t wince, but my eyes widened at the scene that greeted us.
Banshee, Pyro, Levi and Celt stood surrounding a weeping woman. At her feet was a pile of paper, but I couldn’t make out what. When she shoved her mane of hair away from her face, I gasped as I recognised Maura.
“What’s happening?” I asked as Chance walked over to her. Maura stared, and a sneer crossed her face, and before I knew it, Chance’s hand swept out and grabbed her face hard, before shaking her. I gasped in horror and went to move away, but Chance held me firm.
“Show me,” Chance growled, and Celt kicked at the paper by Maura’s feet, I glanced down and stiffened. Pictures of me naked stared back, and I realised that Maura had lots of them, showing my violation.
“What the fuck?” I whispered.
“You get every one?” Chance asked, and I wondered what the hell Maura had done.
“Yeah, got prospects are out scouring the streets for any we missed. Shop was plastered with them, and so was the forecourt, every streetlight in a two-block radius had them. The entire tearoom was covered in them.” I may have been dead tired, but I caught on quickly as I gazed at Celt in horror as he spoke.
“You were plastering them all over the city?” I hissed at Maura. The bitch stared at me in pure hatred.
“Show me,” I said and grabbed one from Celt. It was a poster and at the top were the words ‘Hellfire’s Porn Star’ underneath was a photo of me with my legs spread. Even worse underneath that was my private number, the tearoom’s number and the tearoom’s address. Horrifically compounding the nightmare was a price list for services. Disgusted, I crumpled it in my hand as anger swept over me and without thinking, I stepped forward and slapped the bitch as hard as I could.