Chance's Hell

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Lindsey Smithson. Lindsey is Lowrider’s old lady. She is ten years younger than Ezra and is his baby sister. She was married to a man called Thomas Masterson who beat her often. Lindsey escaped and ran to Ezra for safety. She has brown eyes and long waist-length brown hair with red highlights. She undergoes surgery to correct her face after Thomas breaks her jaw, cheekbone and eye socket. Lindsey has her own business called Made by Rage, Designs by Lindsey, she pays twenty percent into the pot. She’s kind and generous, Lindsey’s books are published under the pen name of L Smithson. Her married name is Miller.
Silvie Stanton.She’s looked at as an old lady even though she doesn’t have an old man and she’s kind and generous. The MC has a lot of respect for her. She has blond, curly hair and is close to Gunner. Silvie knew Kayleigh Mitchell when Kayleigh was brought to the MC. Silvie is in love with Apache, but Apache ignores it. She takes a job working at the Made by Rage shop, working for Lindsey, first helping cut material and then as a receptionist.
Silvie is attacked by the candidate Frenzy on the forecourt and Calamity comes to her rescue. She enters into a loose relationship with Gunner. Frenzy leaves a bite mark on her neck, which will scar. Silvie’s and Gunner’s relationship ends in the Protection of Rage.
Detective Carter.He is partnered with a trainee Deveraux.
Acting Detective Deveraux.He’s a trainee that makes a fourth detective when the PD usually runs on three.
Emilio Hawthorne.Lio is a Dylan Hawthorne’s cousin and is a detective in Spearfish PD. He hates women and children being abused and doesn’t worry about calling on his cousin if he needs help. Emilio likes to be called Lio, his partner is Phil Gold.
Phil Gold.Isn’t as fiery as Lio but still has a strong sense of wrong and right. He’s a Detective in SPD.
Officer Jaggers.He is calm and has been a patrol officer for a long time. He knows Hellfire MC and his partner is Samson.
Officer Samson.He is a hot-head and trigger happy. He threatens Tiny with a gun and Jaggers tries to control him, and Lio threatens to put him on school patrol.
Hawthorne’s Investigations.
Dylan Hawthorne.Owner of Hawthorne Investigations. He is extremely intelligent and will bend and break the rules as he wants. Dylan thinks of Drake as a close friend and takes Rage’s back during the Artemis war. He is happy working alongside Rage and RCPD to take out anyone threatening his city. Dylan skirts the legal side of the line sometimes. He’s driven crazy by his female relations.
Leila Gibson.She is Hawthorne’s computer genius, she managed to get a trace on Artemis which led Rage to Artemis’s, Stacy Conway identity.
Other Characters
Samuel Staffey. He was Clio’s foster father from the age of seven to thirteen. He’d loved and wanted to adopt Clio as he bonded with her. Staffey is a biker and doesn’t belong to a club but wanders as a nomad visiting various clubs. He’d been looking for Clio and not realised they’d moved her out of state.
Staffey is kind and gentle but also able to rough it up when the need came. Clio describes him as tactile. He has greying brown, long hair often worn in a ponytail. Staffey has a scar on his cheek, and his frame is cuddly but powerful, and he has blue eyes. He adopts Clio as an adult and marries Leslie at the end of Chance’s Hell.
Leslie Manners.Leslie worked in Benny’s Diner with Clio, she was fondly recognised as the mother hen of the diner. She takes up Chance’s offer of opening her dream of running an English tearoom. She is very caring and ferocious when people she cares about are threatened. Leslie has two grown children, the eldest is a son aged thirty, and a daughter aged twenty-eight, she also has three grandchildren. Leslie had dated Staffey years ago, but Staffey let her go because he wanted her to have a good life. They dated from the age of fifteen to twenty-one.
Leslie dated a man called Brazen Barry after she split from her husband, but he turned out to be a conman, and she kicked him to the kerb. She has a curvy figure and is about five foot four, her hair is brown and in a bob with blond highlights. She has a warm smile and a friendly, giving nature.
Slimy Sam. A drug user, who is a hitman for his suppliers. He was involved in Clio’s kidnapping and has grabby hands. He kidnaps Clio a second time but ends up in jail where he is killed.
Randy Ron.Ron always walks around in dirty white y-fronts and was behind Clio’s kidnapping. He planned to rape and kill her with Slimy Sam and Tommy. He’s described as scruffy and unkempt.
Tommy.A drug dealer who had the hots for Clio. Tommy has manky teeth and wears tight jeans that hang off his ass, a skin-tight tee, and he doesn’t have a body to brag about. Tommy wears awful cologne and has an acne-scarred face, with greasy slicked-back hair and a hooked nose. He tried to rape Clio when Hellfire turned up to find her. Chance beat the hell out of him. He has smoke-laden breath.
Benny. Owned Benny’s diner, he was paying staff under minimum wage and taking half their tips until Chance forced him to compensate his staff and shut him down. He is five foot seven, fat as a barrel and out of shape. Benny is also known for his gambling. He shuts the diner after Chance’s visit triggers a load of inspections.
Diana Staffey.She was married to Sam Staffey. Diana was insanely jealous of Clio, and when they split up, she’d rejoiced in Clio being taken back into the system.
Miguel Hawthorne.He’s one of the Hawthorne family and is Dylan’s cousin. He’s a firefighter and has a strong sense of fair play. Miguel has the legendary Hawthorne temper.
Doc Gibbons. Doc is an older man close to retirement. He has helped patch up Rage and Hellfire and helps look after their old ladies.
Nigel.Nigel is a hacker, he has a wiry and slender build. He’s often mistaken for being a geek but is as deadly as the rest of the Juno Group. Nigel is known to have hacked into government databases. James Washington lets slip that Nigel’s initials are NM, and he has a license for carrying a concealed weapon.
Maura. She is a skank who tries to hurt and embarrass Clio and is then caught posting pictures of Clio over Spearfish. She’s in her thirties has brown hair and an hourglass figure. Maura could have a pretty face, but the hardness of her mouth and eyes ruins it for her. She’s spiteful and cruel and was run out of town by Hellfire.
Stan.Is an older man who has worked at the Hellfire garage the longest. He saw the video of Clio’s attack but gave up the names of those who’d seen it. He told Darren to turn it off, and it was real, but Darren wouldn’t listen.
Darren, Art, Grayson, Harry. They all watched Clio’s video. Darren was the one spreading it around, but they all watched and masturbated to it. They kept making Clio uncomfortable, and Chance and Staffey beat the hell out of Darren, Art and Harry. They were arrested.
Kitty. Runs the skanks, Chance has helped her son get a job and her daughter into college. She’s friendly and down to earth.