Chance's Hell

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Lio and Phil Gold sat towards the front with the Chief of Police and Dylan Hawthorne. The chief hadn’t been too happy at having six MC’s riding around Spearfish like lunatics during my kidnapping. But the man was kind and understood why the MC’s rode out. He’d even paid me a visit at the tearoom and had a chat to reassure me no one was in trouble, and they’d caught everyone involved. My nightmare was over.
A little African American girl, aged about seven, came towards me in a pretty dress and I saw Phoe dive after her. The little girl dragged a couple of others.
“I wanna be bridesmaid, we all do! And as you’re my Aunt Clio, you have to let me,” the little girl demanded, and Chance and Drake let out matching groans.
“Eddie!” Phoe hissed as chuckles rose around us.
“No mama, me, Davy and Amelia want to be bridesmaids, the others didn’t have the balls to ask!” Eddie stated, glaring at the other children. Ah, this was Chance’s infamous niece. Chuckles arose as Drake’s loud groan echoed down the aisle.
“Well then, if you’re my bridesmaids, aren’t you supposed to be walking down the aisle throwing petals,” I asked, and the little girl lit up in a grin. Eddie pulled out a couple of packets of boxed rose petals and handed them to the other two girls.
“See, if you got the balls to ask, you get stuff! I got more balls than all of you!” Eddie hissed at the watching children. Phoe looked mortified, and I took a quick peek at Drake who looked the same, but with pride mixed in. Eddie clearly had a biker chick’s crazy mouth. Bikers began laughing while Phoe looked like she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her.
“Eddie, watch your potty mouth!” Phoe scolded and darted back to her seat. Phoe aimed two fingers at her eyes and then pointed them at Eddie who rolled hers in response. I began laughing, and people joined in, no wonder Chance loved these kids so much, they were hysterical.
“Eddie can we fuckin’ start girl or what?” Chance bellowed.
“Hold ya britches Unca Chance!” the little girl scolded and began walking down the aisle. My entrance wasn’t dignified as I was giggling too much. Drake looked torn between spanking Eddie’s backside and giving her the keys to his club. Eddie strutted her way down the aisle with the other two girls following, and Staffey puffed up his chest in pride as he walked me towards Chance. Staffey carefully handed me over to Chance and herded the little girls to one side.
“Fuckin’ Eddie,” Chance muttered his eyes gazing into mine.
“She’s exactly what the wedding needed,” I muttered back. Big Al coughed and began the service. I ended up crying in laughter as Axel began heckling Big Al about not being original and I wondered what Rage weddings were like. Axel’s woman scolded him, and he shut up, and Big Al was allowed to continue. Despite the unorthodox wedding, everything was perfect.
Chance slipped a gold band on my finger and repeated his vows, and Drake stepped forward and gave me a box, opening it, I saw a thick gold band made for Chance. When Al told me to put the ring on Chance’s hand, I instead pulled out my gift. Chance frowned down at me and took it slowly.
“Open it,” I whispered as people began whispering. Chance undid the wrapping and froze in place. Full of wonder, his eyes met mine, and I pulled his ring hand free and slipped his ring on. Chance’s gaze returned stunned, to my gift, and Big Al announced us man and wife and told Chance to kiss the bride. Instead, Chance kept staring at his hands and the small item in it.
“Chance, brother lay one on your wife!” Drake hissed from the side to laughter
“Think I’ve shocked him speechless!” I laughed as Chance finally raised his head. Chance reached out and grabbed me gently before pulling me into his arms and laying a passionate kiss on me. When Chance released me to the catcalls and cheers of the clubs, he turned us to face them and let the gift unravel in his hand.
“My Daddy’s a biker, don’t mess with me!” Phoe read out loud, and her gasp echoed around the congregated people.
“Fuck me, Chance is going to be a father!” Drake exclaimed. People surrounded us and offered congratulations and hugged me and slammed Chance on the back. Phoe and Drake were beside themselves as were Hellfire, their first legacy baby. Hellfire was over the moon. Arms came around me, and I was soundly hugged, and a lingering kiss was dropped on my head.
“Thank you!” Drake muttered, “thank you for this Clio, Chance deserves this. Was worried he’d never find it and then you came along. Owe you so much love for making him happy.” Tears welled in my eyes at Drake’s words, Drake hadn’t said it, but there was so much love in him for his cousin. Drake wiped my tears as people swarmed us. Half an hour later, when everyone had got a turn to congratulate us, there was a sharp whistle, and everyone’s eyes turned to Staffey.
“We’re having a double celebration, Leslie, get your ass down that aisle, time you wore my ring!” Everyone turned to face Leslie, who went bright red.
“Samuel Staffey we are not stealing your daughter’s wedding day,” Leslie mock yelled at him.
“Fuck that, Chance and I been planning it, nothing more would make Clio’s day any more wondrous,” Staffey batted back at her. Happily, and in agreement, I beamed at them, oh how I’d love to share my wedding day with my dad and Leslie.
“Using your daughter to force me to marry you is the lowest of the low Samuel Staffey!” Leslie exclaimed. Staffey did no more but walk over and land one on her mouth.
“Now stop your bitching woman and get in front of Big Al,” Staffey said and slapped Leslie’s ass to get her moving. My eyes widened as they took their place in front of Big Al, and minutes later were married.
I stared around me with love in my eyes, and instead of looking backwards, I looked forwards. I had a future, a life and a husband, everything was just grand, for the orphan who’d had no-one, I now finally everything!
Character List.
Hellfire MC.
The Hellfire patch. It’s made up of a circular patch with the flames starting at the bottom and going halfway up the circle. In the middle of them is a skeleton with a devil’s horns on its head and holding a pitchfork. In the other hand, the skeleton has a motorbike and above the skeleton’s head was a crown of flames, Hellfire MC is written underneath in a bold freestyle script in white.
Enigma. Chance’s father and Arrow’s (Drake’s father) older brother.
Bullet. Was a founder of Hellfire MC with Enigma.