That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 2

Josie was dumbfounded. She wasn’t the only one watching a show just now, but Dexter was watching
hers too.

After a while, she nodded stiffly and reflected upon herself for eavesdropping on her boss. Suddenly,
Dexter’s deep voice emerged. “Josie, what about marrying me?”

Josie was stunned the moment she heard that. She lifted her eyes and stared at the man in front of her
in shock. “Mr. Russell, w-what did you say?”

Josie thought she was hearing things.

“I said, marry me.” Dexter repeated himself impatiently. His handsome face looked very serious, and he
didn’t seem to be joking.

After a long time, Josie finally regained her senses.

“Mr. Russell, why me?”

By right, even if he is not happy with the woman just now, he could have married many other better
women given his identity. Could it be that he has been having a crush on me for a long time while this
blind date is just a set-up to encounter me? Indeed, only a top-tier hunter will appear as prey.

Obviously, Josie overestimated herself.

Dexter looked outside the window and explained to her coldly, “My grandfather is very sick. The doctor
said he’s left with only half a year to live. His greatest wish now is to see me get married. I bluffed him
and told him that I already have a girlfriend and that we’re preparing to get married.”

As Josie listened attentively to the explanation, the same doubt surfaced in her mind. Why did he
choose me?

Perceiving Josie’s confusion, Dexter took up the teacup and took a sip. “You’re an employee in Russell
Group, which will make it easier for him to buy into it.”

Josie understood immediately.

Dexter proposed a fake relationship and a fake marriage to fulfill his grandfather’s wish.

Dexter was a perfect man, but Josie knew they were people from two parallel universes. Josie didn’t
want to be dragged into trouble, so she was racking her head to think of a way to turn the president
down courteously without putting her job at stake.

Dexter said, “I’ll take care of your father’s medical fees if you marry me.”

Josie clenched her fists. Three years ago, her father ran into a car accident and had been in a
vegetative state ever since then. She had been living frugally these years in order to pay the medical

But how did Dexter know about this? Josie couldn’t bother to mull over the question because the offer
was highly tempting.

“I can hire the best medical team for your father.”

Josie wavered. Her eyes glistened as she changed her mind. I just have to marry into a wealthy family.
Nothing can go wrong.

“Deal, Mr. Russell.”

Without wasting more time, Dexter took his coat and stood up.

“We’re getting our marriage registered at the registry office now.”

“Now?” Josie was shocked, but when she met Dexter’s frigid eyes, she nodded. “Okay.”

Thereafter, Dexter sent Josie back to her place which was situated in an old neighborhood on the
outskirts of the city. There was no one in the house. Josie took her identity document and left swiftly.

Everything happened in haste.

After walking out of the Home Affairs Bureau, Josie felt it was a dream when she looked at the
marriage certificate in her hand. Then, she gazed at the suit-clad, tall man beside her.

She was married to her boss!

Josie stood there for a long time and wondered if she should ask for a token of appreciation from

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