That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 4

Josie did not have many belongings. After packing her stuff, she ignored Jenny’s curses and left in a
cab with her luggage.

Around 7 p.m., she arrived at Mason Garden, but she was lost because Dexter did not send her the
exact location and password as promised. Josie reckoned it slipped his mind.

She didn’t know Dexter’s phone number, so she could only wait outside the neighborhood.

It was an August evening– the weather was still hot even after nightfall. Frustrated, Josie had the urge
to find Dexter in Russell Group. Nonetheless, she was well aware that she couldn’t meet him casually.

After waiting for an hour, a black Rolls-Royce appeared at the neighborhood gate.

Josie’s legs turned numb after an hour of crouching, so she couldn’t stand up and could only wave her
hand and yell, “Mr. Russell, Mr. Russell…”

Dexter stopped the car when he heard the commotion.

He was startled when he saw the woman crouching on the ground.

“What brings you here?”

Josie was hot under the collar, but she didn’t dare to flare up in front of Dexter. Wearing a hypocritical
smile, she supported herself against the wall and stood up.

“You didn’t tell me the exact address and the password. Where else could I go?”

“I’m sorry. I was busy with a meeting this afternoon and forgot about it.” Dexter explained and asked
her to get into the car.

“Are you blaming me just now?”

Josie didn’t dare to complain about Dexter, so she could only keep her shirt on and got into the car with
her luggage. Two minutes later, the car stopped in front of a bungalow.

She carried her luggage and followed Dexter into the villa. On the way in, the latter told her the
password to the door.

Upon entering the living room, Josie glanced around the surroundings. The minimalistic interior
featured cool colors, yet it portrayed a royal atmosphere.

“You’ll stay in the room on the left on the second floor. On the right is my bedroom and study room.
You’re not allowed to enter my rooms without my permission. And don’t touch the displays.”

“Okay.” Josie nodded ‘obediently’.

Although there were many rules to abide by here, she rather stayed with the troublesome Dexter than
with Jenny and Justin.

Now that she didn’t have to worry about Paul’s medical fees, she should be able to save enough
money for the downpayment on a small apartment in Wavery.

Thinking that she was one step closer to a bright future, Josie went upstairs gleefully with her luggage.

Just as she finished unpacking her belongings, someone knocked on the door.

Josie went to open the door to see Dexter had already changed into his home clothes. He looked at her
indifferently and passed a document to her.

“These are my hobbies and preferences. Memorize them tonight. Don’t give yourself away in front of
grandpa tomorrow.”

Josie nodded and took over the document while complaining inwardly. It’s not that easy, after all, to
stay in a splendid bungalow.

“What about my preferences? Do I have to tell you?”

“That’s not necessary.” Dexter answered coldly and left.

The truth was Dexter had already investigated everything about her.

After closing the door, Josie browsed through the document that Dexter had prepared. Every detail was
written in it, including the food that he liked and disliked.

What? He even included the size of his underwear?

After reading through the document, Josie went to take a shower. Before she went to bed, she sent a
text message to her director to ask for a day off.

She planned to visit her father tomorrow after meeting Dexter’s grandfather in the morning. So, she
applied for leave for the whole day. Just as she expected, the mean director blew up immediately.

‘Ms. Warren, how dare you apply for leave again tomorrow after bunking off this afternoon? I’ll not
approve your leave application. If you don’t show up tomorrow, you’ll lose the full attendance bonus!’

Josie was distressed because, in Russell Group, the full attendance bonus was as high as one

She was as tight as a drum, but she had to visit Dexter’s grandfather tomorrow.

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