That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 9

After talking with Matthew, Josie stayed in the hospital to accompany her father until five in the evening.
Then, she bought some groceries in the supermarket and went back to Mason Garden by public bus.

Dexter was not home after Josie had dinner, so she washed up and went to bed.

In the middle of the night, she woke up due to thirst. She went downstairs in a daze to drink a glass of
water and returned to a room to continue sleeping.

At 2 a.m., Dexter returned to the villa after his schedule ended. He went back to his bedroom and
switched on the light. As he was about to walk to the bathroom, his steps halted. How on earth did this
woman appear on my bed?

Dressed in cotton sleepwear, Josie was sleeping in an unruly position with her fair, long legs exposed
in the air.

Dexter’s eyes darkened. He went up and grasped Josie’s arm.

“Josie Warren!”

“Mm… What are you doing?!” Josie rubbed her eyes and shoved Dexter’s hand away. She glared at
him and mumbled, “Why did you come to my room in the middle of the night?”

Dexter refuted with a cold face, “Look clearly – whose room is this?”

Only then did Josie become completely awake.

She glanced around the room. It was Dexter’s room – she had walked into the wrong room!

Upon realizing the fact, Josie’s anger was dismissed at once. She got off the bed and apologized
carefully, “I’m so sorry. I was too sleepy and accidentally walked into the wrong room.”

“Accidentally walked into the wrong room?” Dexter examined her sharply. Obviously, he didn’t buy her

“Was it an accident, or do you have other intentions?”

Josie explained earnestly, “It was an accident! I…”

Dexter didn’t bother hearing her explanation and interrupted her coldly. “Get out!”

Josie snorted and quickly slipped away.

Dexter was frustrated to have a woman in his villa, yet he had no choice but to live with her given the
current situation, because Henry might send someone to check in on them at any time.

After taking a shower, Dexter lay on the bed. Josie’s scent lingered on his pillow, which made him frown
as he subconsciously recalled the scene when he spotted Josie just now.

Exasperated, he got off the bed and changed the bedsheets. With that, he finally fell asleep.

Unfortunately, Josie bumped into Dexter the following day when she was about to head out.

The two left the villa together, but one got into his Rolls-Royce while the other walked half a mile to the
bus station.

Josie wasn’t hoping that Dexter would give her a ride to Russell Group. After all, he had warned her not
to reveal their marriage to anyone in the company.

Not long after Josie settled down in her seat in the office, her director summoned her to his office.

Josie was an interior designer. The design department director was a man in his thirties named Patrick

He always picked on Josie because Josie rejected his pursuit when he first joined the department.

“Ms. Warren, I can’t believe you dared to bunk off work and apply for leave two days in a row. Do you
think you’re the boss now?! Have you finished the design for Hotcci?”

Hotcci was a new real estate project developed by Russell Group. Every designer was required to
submit a piece of work; the best would be chosen for the project’s interior design.

Josie was occupied the past few days, so she didn’t have time to work on the design.

She pouted. “Mr. Davidson, the task was only assigned two days ago. There’s still one week until the

Moreover, Josie reckoned her design would not be chosen even if she completed the task. Although
she was talented, Patrick had been suppressing her for the past few years, so she had no chance to
exhibit her talents.

“How dare you talk back?! Mind you, and if you continue your behavior, you’ll be fired sooner or later!
Now, go and print this document for me!”

Josie rolled her eyes speechlessly. He’s asking me to do odd jobs again! I’m now the president’s wife.
Someday, I’ll ask Mr. Russell to fire you!

Nonetheless, Josie knew it was impossible. So, she could only follow Patrick’s instructions and went to
print the documents.

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