That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 7

Dexter’s hand, which was holding a chess piece, stopped midair for a second before he put it down
and said, “Yes, Grandpa. That was indeed the case in the beginning. But I genuinely love her as who
she is now.”

Henry smiled in satisfaction. “I’m glad you guys are truly in love with each other. Now that I have seen
you marry the woman you love, I have no regrets in this life. Waste no more time so that I can have a
great-grandchild soon.”

Henry was in his eighties, so the functions of his organs started deteriorating.

Dexter’s eyes fluttered as he hummed in response.

The call that Josie received was from Jenny. The things she said were the same as yesterday. Josie
brushed her off and went back to the ward.

When it was lunchtime, Henry insisted on going for a walk, so he brought Dexter and Josie to a
restaurant outside the hospital.

After ordering a few of Henry’s favorite dishes, Dexter passed the menu to Josie and said in his deep
voice with a tinge of affection. “Pick a few dishes that you want.”

Josie took over the menu and pretended to order a few dishes casually.

Soon, the dishes were served. Dexter put on a perfect act and helped Josie with the dishes from time
to time.

Josie ‘returned the favor’ by putting some fried eggplants she ordered into Dexter’s plate. “Dex, try out
your favorite dish.”

Dexter stared at Josie with warning flashing through his eyes.

Henry, who was sitting across from them, was surprised. “Huh? Dexter has hated eggplants since he
was young.”

Josie smiled, “Grandpa, you might not know about it yet – eggplants are my favorite vegetable, and
Dex started liking it too after we got together.”

“I see.” Henry beamed from ear to ear. “People say that couples will change their lifestyle after staying
together for a long time. Back then, your grandmother and I were like this too. She loved desserts, and
I didn’t, but I gradually had a sweet tooth too after being together with her.”

Dexter suppressed his anger and swallowed the eggplants on his plate.

Josie was guilty, but when she saw Dexter’s aggrieved look, she gloated.

After lunch, they left the restaurant and went back to the hospital. “Alright, I know you guys are busy.
Get going. Jo, do come and revisit me when you’re free.” Henry uttered.

Josie looked toward Dexter, who then said, “Alright, Grandpa. We’ll leave first, then. I’ll bring Jo to
revisit you next time.”

Josie said goodbye to Henry with a smile. With that, Dexter held Josie’s hand and left side by side. In
fact, he was grasping Josie’s hand so tight that the latter was moaning inwardly.

“Ouch! Ouch! Mr. Russell, Grandpa is still watching us from behind!”

“Go ahead and complain to him then.” Dexter blurted coldly.

Josie was rendered speechless. How would I dare to?

Josie got into the passenger seat. Knowing that Henry was still watching them, Dexter helped Josie to
fasten the seatbelt, but Josie was terrified by the gloomy aura he emanated.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Russell. I didn’t mean it. I mixed up the food that you like and the ones that you don’t.”

“Did you really not do it on purpose?” Dexter stared at Josie.

“Yeah.” Josie answered firmly.

In fact, she did it on purpose because Dexter made her wait two hours yesterday.

Dexter naturally knew her intention. When he started the car engine, he uttered sulkily, “Do you know
that your action would have caused Grandpa to suspect that we’re in a sham marriage?”

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