That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 5

The usually thick-skinned Josie blushed and tugged at Dexter’s sleeve shyly. “We don’t have to buy all
of them. Just the one that I’m wearing is enough.”

Dexter frowned and cast a cold glance at her. “Do you plan to wear the same dress every time we visit

Josie was tongue-tied.

After paying the bill, Dexter brought Josie to a jewelry shop.

Before Josie could realize his intention, Dexter chose a pair of couple rings and placed one in Josie’s
hand while putting the other on his finger.

There was no interaction between the two throughout the whole process.

While Dexter was paying, Josie waited at the entrance and could vaguely hear the staff discussing
among themselves. “Oh my gosh, they’re such a perfect match!”

“Yeah, but I bet her boyfriend doesn’t love her. He chose the ring with minimal effort and didn’t even
bother to put it on for his girlfriend.”

Josie smirked. Indeed, your guess is right.

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