That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 6

After leaving the mall, they went to the hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Dexter got out of the car and took out all kinds of supplements from the

Looking at Josie, who was standing at the side with a blank look, he uttered impatiently, “Let’s go.”

Only then did Josie regain her composure and follow Dexter into the hospital.

“Are you nervous?” Dexter noticed Josie’s expression was not as relaxed as before, but Josie denied it
stubbornly. “Nonsense. Not at all.”

Of course, Josie was lying to herself too.

Although she had been in a relationship before, she had not met the partner’s family. Moreover, the
person that she was going to meet was the prominent old Mr. Russell. It was her first time participating
in such a big occasion.

While they were in the lift, Josie couldn’t help asking, “Mr. Russell, is your grandfather fierce?”

“No.” Dexter hummed in response and added, “Call me Dex.”


“I told my grandpa I’ve been with my girlfriend for two years.”

Josie understood his meaning. A couple who had been dating for two years couldn’t possibly address
each other by their last name.

“Sure, Dex.” Josie called out the name naturally.

Suddenly, she had a mischievous idea. “Mr. Russell, you’re four years older than me. People say that
an age gap of more than three years is considered wide. Since there is a wide age gap between us,
what do you think if I call you a cuter nickname?”

Josie could sense Dexter’s eyes turn cold the moment she said that.

“Forget about it.” He uttered.

With that, the lift arrived at their floor. Dexter strode out instantly, leaving Josie in a fluster. It’s just a
nickname. Why is he so angry? Ugh, it’s indeed hard to stay close to a superior man. How

Upon arriving at the ward’s door, Dexter stopped and waited for Josie to hold her hand naturally.

Josie’s body stiffened while Dexter pushed the door open and walked in.

Henry Russell was playing chess with Franklin on the balcony. When Henry saw their arrival, he stood
up at once.

“Hey, Dexter.”

Then, his gaze fell on Josie. The night before, Dexter told him they had registered their marriage.
Henry said with a loving smile, “You must be Jo.”

“Hi, Grandpa. Nice to meet you. I’m Josie Warren.”

“Come and take a seat.” Henry held her hand and made her sit on the couch.

Dexter placed the supplement on the table and said to Henry, “Jo bought these for you.”

“Thank you, Jo.” Henry looked delighted. “I heard you and Dexter have been dating for two years. This
fellow hid it and didn’t bring you to meet me.”

Before this, Dexter had taught Josie how to respond to Henry. She glanced at the man beside him and
answered with a smile, “Grandpa, Dex wanted me to meet you for a long time, but I turned it down
because, as you know, I’m just an ordinary designer in Russell Group…”

Henry held Josie’s hand and uttered seriously, “We don’t care about one’s family background, so don’t
feel pressured. As long as you guys love each other, we’ll not oppose your relationship.”

Josie looked at Dexter, who was sitting next to her. “Yeah, that’s what Dex told me too.”

Dexter was startled for a moment when he saw Josie’s sweet smile. He reached out his hand and
caressed her hair affectionately.

Henry’s grin widened when he saw that.

Indeed, Henry was an amiable person. Soon, Josie was not as nervous as before. After some small
talk, she played chess with Henry.

Halfway through the game, Josie’s phone rang.

“Please excuse me, Grandpa. I’m going to answer a call first. Dex will stay here with you.”

“Sure, sure.”

After Josie walked away, Dexter sat down while Henry gazed at him solemnly.

“Be honest with me, Dexter. Did you date Josie and marry her because of Lily?”

The truth was Josie’s appearance resembled Lily’s.

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