That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 3

Dexter had no intention of wasting more time with Josie. He stared at her nonchalantly with his almond-
shaped eyes and said, “My villa is in Mason Garden. I’ll send the address and password to you later.
You may move in tonight.”


They had to put up a good act. Besides, she had wanted to move out of her place, so she didn’t mind
at all.

“I’ll bring you to meet Grandpa tomorrow.” Even though he was unwilling to accept that his grandfather
could only live for half a year more, he said, “We’ll divorce half a year later. During this period, you just
need to coax him and make him happy. Don’t think about anything else.”

Josie perceived the meaning of his cold words — she shouldn’t hope to remain as ‘Mrs. Russell’ for

“I understand. About my father…”

Dexter checked his watch and said, “I’ll send someone to make the necessary arrangements

“Alright. Thank you, Mr. Russell.”

With that, he got into the black Rolls-Royce and left.

I can’t believe this guy just ditched me after registering our marriage. What a heartless capitalist.

Josie pouted. She had only two quarters left after paying the fees for marriage registration. So, she
decided to take the public bus.

Upon arriving home, Josie could hear Jenny Turner, her mother’s voice, before entering the house
because the soundproof system was terrible.

“Don’t worry, Justin. Mr. Lowry is pleased with your sister. No matter what, I’ll think of a way to make
your sister marry him. By that time, we’ll have money to settle the betrothal gift for Nicole and your
house after you get married.”

How brilliant it is to sell the daughter so that the son can get married.

When Josie entered the house, both Jenny and Justin looked at her.

Jenny said, “Jack is very happy with you. I know you’re displeased with him, but he’s a decent man.
Despite being slightly advanced in age, he will treat you well. Moreover, you don’t have to bear a child
after marrying him. You…”

Josie rolled her eyes speechlessly. What’s so honorable about becoming a stepmother?

She interrupted Jenny and blurted, “Say as you please, but I’ll not marry him.”

Jenny hit the table and scowled, “Josie Warren, you have to marry him! I’m your mother, so I have a
say in your marriage!”

Josie took out the marriage certificate from her handbag and said with a smile, “I’m already married.
Bigamy is a crime.”

Jenny dashed forward and gasped, “You’re already married?! To whom?”

Before Jenny could snatch the marriage certificate, Josie kept it back into her bag and threw her
identity document on the table.

She naturally wouldn’t tell Jenny that she was married to Russell Group’s president, so she hummed
insouciantly, “He works as a waiter in a restaurant. Didn’t you want me to get married as soon as
possible and get out of this house? Your wish has come true.”

“You… You… Josie Warren, you’re driving me crazy!” Jenny snarled while covering her chest with her

Josie ignored her and went to pack her stuff in her room.

A few minutes later, Jenny regained her composure and went to Josie’s room.

“Josie, I don’t care who you’re married to. Justin and Nicole are getting married soon, so you have to
contribute something as an elder sister!”

“I don’t have money.”

Jenny grasped Josie’s hand. “Then divorce the man immediately and marry Jack! We raised you all
these years. As a sister, you can’t brush your brother aside!”

Coldness flashed through Josie’s eyes as she shoved away Jenny’s hand.

“Dad was the one raising me all these years. Ever since he ran into a car accident, I’ve worked hard to
earn my tuition fees at university. When did you contribute to raising me?”

Josie glared at Justin, who was leaning against the door, looking at them. “Moreover, I’m not your
biological daughter. I have no obligation to help this younger brother who has no blood relation with

At the age of twelve, Josie had a car accident and lost all her memories.

Paul Warren, who was working in the hospital then, adopted her. Over the years, Josie had not
developed a good relationship with Jenny and Justin, unlike with Paul…

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