That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 12

Josie went to her department and found Patrick conducting a meeting, which was unprecedented. He
yelled her name angrily as she wasn’t there yet. She could hear him even though there were two walls
between them.

“This department’s staff is getting lazier, especially Josie. It’s already time, but she’s not here!”

Josie shrugged and went to her desk. She was late anyway. If she joined the meeting now, Patrick
would just chew her out in front of everyone. It would be an irredeemable situation.

She sat at her table and switched on her computer, planning on continuing her unfinished interior
design plans.

“Josie, you’re late to today’s meeting. You’re doomed!”

A colleague patted Josie’s shoulder. She averted her eyes from the computer screen and only realized
that the meeting had ended.

She smiled and explained, “I woke up late today. What was the agenda for today’s meeting? It can’t be
about the packaging design again, right?”

Three days ago, Patrick gave his subordinates the task of designing the packaging for a collaborating
food company. He had been on the case in meetings as there was no satisfactory design even until this

“You got it right. He gave a few of us a chewing out over the packaging. Of course, including you, who
was late for the meeting. You better watch out.”

The colleague gave Josie a look before returning to their work.

Josie pressed her lips together.

She gathered her completed design plans and hurried to the manager’s office.

‘Knock knock!’

“Come in!”

She pushed the door open and handed the design papers to Patrick. “Mr. Davidson, I’ve completed the
design. Please have a look.”

He tossed the papers to a side without giving them a single glance. He swept his eyes over her
presumptuously. Josie was surprised he wasn’t lashing out at her but was oddly calm.

She gave it a thought and spoke up. “Mr. Davidson, I overslept and didn’t get to attend today’s meeting.
Please don’t get angry.”

A person of character must know when to stand their ground and when to back down.

She didn’t care if she got in trouble with Patrick, but she couldn’t have money troubles. Besides, she
just did something bold.

Patrick scoffed. “Since you know you’re wrong, go work on the packaging design for the food

Speechless, she knew that the matter wasn’t resolved yet.

She smiled reluctantly. “Yes, sir. I’ll leave now.”

“Hmph, go ahead!”

He answered plainly, but Josie felt the pair of eyes stay on her until she stepped out of the office.

She felt uncomfortable.

It felt like he was about to swallow her alive.

She turned her head back subconsciously and was relieved to see Patrick engrossed in his work.

Perhaps she was overthinking.

“Tsk, some people are just so thick skin. She can still work here without concern even when she’s
called a two-faced witch everywhere she goes!”

“Why, first she got married, now she’s seducing Mr. Russell. Does she really think she can do whatever
she wants in the company just because she has a pretty face?”

On the way back to her desk, harsh comments reached Josie’s ears. It was apparent that they meant
to let her hear them.

She gave those female colleagues a cold stare. Alice couldn’t take it and spoke up for Josie. “What?
Are you all jealous? Try to make yourself prettier; otherwise, whatever you say is meaningless.”

The woman scoffed. “In the end, you just depend on that face of yours. Is that anything to be proud of?”

Alice was about to retort back when Josie tugged her. “Forget it, Alice. If a dog bites you, do you bite it

“What did you say!” One of the female colleagues rushed up to Josie with a pointed finger. “You seduce
men everywhere you go but still act self-righteous. You’re just a bi***!”


The clear sound of a slap rang in the room. Everyone’s eyes widened in shock.

Unbelieving, the woman held her cheek and screeched, “How dare you slap me!”

“That’s because you deserve it. Watch your mouth. It won’t be just a slap the next time,” Josie replied
as she scanned the room.

It was a warning for all who were wagging their tongues about her.

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