That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 21

Josie had completely come back to her senses when she returned to her room. Still, her head was
throbbing painfully.

She massaged her temples as she tried to recall what had happened. Mr. Davidson brought me to
dinner, and I drank a lot.

At that point, she forgot about her headache.

Why am I here? How did I come back?

She lowered her head to look at her clothes. Thank God I’m still wearing them. But how did I come
back here?

She tried to remember, but nothing came to her. In the end, she gave up and lay down in bed. Shortly
after that, she fell asleep.

The next day, someone knocked on her door.

“Ms. Warren, I made something to help with hangovers. Here you go.”

Josie was completely sober. She quickly got up and opened the door.

“Good morning, Julie.”

Julie smiled at her and passed a bowl of soup over. “Here, eat it while it’s warm.”

A surge of warmth passed through her heart.

“Thanks a lot, Julie.”

She took the bowl of soup and gulped it down. After finishing it, she asked, “I can’t remember much of
last night’s events because I was drunk. Do you know how I got back?”

Julie smiled upon hearing that.

“Mr. Russell brought you back, of course.”

Josie was stunned to hear that.

“What? He brought me back?”

How is it possible? What is going on?

“Ms. Warren, I know I shouldn’t be nosey, but alcohol is bad for our health. It’s best if you control your
drinking. Don’t get drunk again.”

Josie scratched her head and nodded.

“Thanks, Julie. I know.”

Julie decided to be honest with Josie because she liked her a lot.

After Julie left, Josie paced the room. She was curious about last night’s events.

Why did Dexter send me back? Did something happen?

She still didn’t have an answer when she arrived at the office.

However, she noticed that the atmosphere was slightly off.

“Have you heard? Mr. Davidson resigned,” Alice whispered.

Josie stopped her work and looked at her in confusion. “What? He resigned?”

Alice nodded.

“He came early this morning to submit his resignation. None of us know what has happened.”

Josie’s heart sank. Something is wrong.

“Anyway, it’s good that we can start over. I’m sure our time here will be better now that he’s gone,” Alice
said hopefully.

Josie sighed. “Hopefully so.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, she heard someone walking toward them in high heels.

Then, Samantha showed up with a dark face. Something was off when she looked at Josie.

Josie met her gaze boldly. In the past, Samantha would have already given her a hard time. However,
she went straight to her table quietly this time.

“What’s going on, Samantha? Why is Josie in the office today?” One of their colleagues asked in the

Recalling her brother’s words, Samantha frowned

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