That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 11

After the incident, Josie’s popularity in the design department was no longer what it used to be. People
would gossip whenever she was around. Those that were extreme would deliberately bump into her
just to insult her.

She put up with all of it.

“It’s alright.” She would comfort herself. It was nothing compared to her salary.

At night, Dexter reached home late after attending an unplanned meeting.

He shrugged off his coat and changed into his indoor slippers. As he was about to head upstairs, he
noticed a slim figure curled up on the sofa.

The woman seemed to be restless. Her eyebrows were furrowed as she mumbled in her sleep.

He went up to her and listened.

“Get out of my way, you bunch of stupid admirers… Stay away… Let me earn my money…”

He furrowed his forehead speechlessly.

How badly off is she that she’s even dreaming about earning money?

At that moment, the laptop screen before Josie flickered. Dexter noticed an interior design plan opened
on the screen.

Although it was just a rough draft, Josie’s ideas and thoughts that went into the design were apparent.
Every stroke of the drawing showed off her skill and talent in designing.

A rare look of admiration flashed across Dexter’s face. But he was bewildered.

Why was she under the radar for all these years if she had such talent?


She turned over in her sleep. A teardrop fell from her eye and sunk into the sofa cover.

He stood next to her and watched as she muttered again after some time.


His eyes flickered. The cold glint in his eyes turned into a scoff.

“Mr. Russell, you’re back…” A maid’s voice rang across the room. Dexter made a silent gesture, and
the maid understood immediately.

“Bring her a blanket.”

He turned around and went up the stairs.

The next day.

Josie woke from her sleep. She was confused as the blanket draped on her shoulders slipped off.

“Ms. Warren, are you awake?” The maid’s voice rang in Josie’s ears as she exercised her stiff
shoulders and said, “Thank you for the blanket.”

Before the maid could say another word, Josie hurried upstairs to freshen up. The maid could only
swallow her words.

Josie rushed to the company and managed to clock in just in time.

Relieved, she headed to the elevator for employees when a strong force knocked her from behind.

She lost her balance and staggered. She would have become the company’s joke if she didn’t hold on
to the nearest thing just in time.

When she regained her footing, she looked up with a frown to see one of her past admirers.

As the elevator door closed, the man’s look of disdain was seared into her heart.

She was speechless.

It seems true that hares may pull dead lions by the beard.

“Get in.”

She paused at the cold, deep voice.

She felt a sense of foreboding when she looked over to see a deep-set pair of cold eyes.

“Thanks for the offer, Mr. Russell. I’ll just wait for the next elevator. After all… Ah!”

A hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into the elevator.

Josie stumbled and was about to trip.

She raised her arms instinctively to protect herself. The pain she was expecting didn’t arrive as she fell
into a firm embrace.

She raised her head, and her breath caught in her throat as the man’s attractive face was inches away
from hers.

Her hand was on his chest.

Dexter furrowed his forehead.


“Oh. Yes, sir.”

She removed her hand and quickly pressed her floor button as the elevator door closed. She shrunk
into a corner, hoping they would soon reach her floor.

It was awkward as they were the only people in the elevator.

Josie took a deep breath and tried to minimize the sound of her breathing.

She began thinking.

What does one do if a couple in name only meets in the office? Especially when the husband is her

What else to do but ignore them? Treat them as air!

The floor numbers on display ticked up. Josie turned her head to the side to avoid his eyes. But she
didn’t realize that the elevator walls were reflective. He could see her expression even though she was
standing behind him.

“Ms. Warren, focus on work when you’re at the company. Work hard, and your salary will be

“Huh?” She looked at him puzzled..

“It seems you’re in need of money with the way you were dreaming about earning money.”

Embarrassed, she opened her mouth to speak.


As the elevator door opened, she noticed that she was late. She gave up on explaining and quickly

He turned around and found no one behind him.

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