That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 27

When Josie returned to the design department, she looked crestfallen. Upon seeing that, Alice quickly
asked, “What happened? What did Mr. Russell do?”

A figure appeared at the manager’s office. Josie saw that and sighed tiredly. “He wanted to see my
designs, but my laptop broke down, so he gave me a scolding.”

Alice looked sorry for her. “Sounds like hell. From your account, I could visualize the situation. I’m so
sorry for you, Josie.”

Everyone around them was paying attention to their conversation. After hearing Josie’s explanation,
they finally got confirmation that Dexter didn’t have his eye on her. Instead, he probably didn’t even like

Josie sat down at her desk and sighed. “I think it’s better to get back to sorting these documents. I’ll
have enough to suffer if I don’t finish this by tomorrow.”

Samantha snorted out laughing. Nothing went wrong, it seems. Perhaps Mr. Russell saw the original
drafts somewhere, but I bet he didn’t expect Josie’s laptop to break down. In that case, there’s no
evidence, even if he has suspicions about me.

Samantha’s mood took a better turn. When it was time to knock off, she gracefully walked out of her

In the evening, the lights at Mason Garden were turned on.

When Dexter returned from a business dinner, Josie was nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Josie?” he asked Julie, who helped him out of his coat.

“After dinner, she went to her room. She said she’s cooking a mysterious plan.”

Dexter frowned upon hearing that. She must be preparing to take revenge.

Her door was slightly ajar. When passing by her room, Dexter stopped and peered through.

She typed away on her laptop, giggling to herself. “Hehehehe…”

His frown deepened. I must be going bonkers to spend time watching this idiot entertain herself.

The next day, Samantha needed to submit her designs to be examined. They would only sign the
contract with the client after making sure there were no problems.

“Where’s your energy? You guys are still so young; how could you be so tired? You’re ruining our
image!” She lectured everyone as soon as she walked into the meeting room.

Alice rolled her eyes and whispered to Josie, “Hmph. She doesn’t have any true skills; she only knows
how to act like a manager.”

Josie spun the pen in her hands calmly.

“Since everyone is here, let’s start the meeting, Ms. Robson.”

Samantha glared at her.

The designs were shown on a PowerPoint, and Samantha repeated her source of inspiration to Dexter

“If there are no other opinions on this, we will sign the contract.”

At that moment, Josie slowly raised her hand. “I have something to add.”

Samantha spoke through gritted teeth, “Josie, what are you doing?”

“Why? Can’t I say something?”

Under everyone’s stares, Samantha was unable to reject her.

“I think your idea is too shallow.” Josie stood up. “This design has a deeper layer of meaning to it. Apart
from bold colors, the lines are also specially designed. If you look closely at the logo in the middle, you
will notice that the tenth anniversary of the company is hidden there.”

The people in the room hummed in surprise upon hearing that.

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