That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 26

Dexter felt his gaze and looked at him warningly.

Josie was overjoyed, holding her laptop in her hands. Now that it’s fixed and I got back my original
drafts let’s see if Samantha still dares to ask me to provide evidence.

She bowed deeply to Dexter. “Thanks a lot, Mr. Russell!”

“Instead of thanking me, you should work smarter,” he ridiculed, but without contempt. Instead, there
was a smile on his face.

No wonder this idiot hasn’t stood out after all these years. Others bully her.

Josie was used to how he spoke; she knew very well that he had a good heart and cared about his

“What are you guys doing, thanking each other? I’m the one who fixed it. Me! Can you see me?”

Dexter’s friend waved at them incredulously.

Josie returned to her senses and thanked him. “I’m sorry. Thanks a lot! You’re amazing, and you saved
my life.”

The playful tone in her voice made him feel as though they were friends. An employee usually wouldn’t
be this casual in front of their CEO.

The man arched his eyebrows and extended his hand. “Hmph, now you know. I’m Calvin Barrett, Dex’s

When he said Dexter’s nickname, his gaze was focused on Dexter and Josie.

“M-Mr. Russell’s friend? Nice to meet you. I’m Josie from the design department.” An uneasy look
appeared on her face.

“You work here?”

Duh, of course. What else should I say? That I’m technically his wife, and you should call me Mrs.
Russell? That’s too much.

Just thinking about it made her feel like she would die from embarrassment.

“Do you know that this is the first time Dexter asked me for help because of a woman? You are the first
one,” Calvin said playfully.

Sure enough, she froze. T-The first…

Dexter pursed his lips. He could tell Josie felt awkward hearing that, so he saved her from the
conversation. “Aren’t you busy?”

Josie immediately returned to her senses. “Oh, right. I’ll get back to work now.”

With that, she escaped from the room. There was a playful smile on Calvin’s face. He sat in front of
Dexter’s desk. “I don’t know you care about your employees so much, Dex.”

Dexter remained quiet in his chair. He was not planning to explain everything to Calvin. “The files in her
laptop are important; that’s about it. You’re not needed here anymore – you can leave now.”

“She looks familiar, though. I felt like we’ve met somewhere,” Calvin muttered, ignoring Dexter.

“Ivy, walk him out.”

With that, a slender lady with exquisite makeup in formal attire entered the room. “Mr. Barrett, this way,

Calvin narrowed his eyes at Ivy Miller, Dexter’s assistant. “You’re such a heartless person. We’ve met
many times, yet you still refuse to speak up for me.”

There was a perfunctory smile on her face. “I booked your favorite restaurant, Mr. Barrett, just in time
for lunch.”

Calvin smiled and waved at Dexter. “Bye.”

“See you.”

As soon as Calvin left, the smile on Ivy’s face disappeared. I’ve worked for Mr. Russell since
graduation, and I’ve never seen him help any employees. He even asked his friend to help her out.
Could it be…?

She shook her head. Impossible. That employee has no background. How could he take a liking to
her? Perhaps the contents of the laptop are critical to Russell Group.

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