That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 30

“How could you listen in?” she said in annoyance with a blush on her face.

How could he do that?

“If my memory serves me right, you are standing right in front of my car.” He enunciated every syllable
clearly, leaving her dumbfounded.

Since she was at a loss for words, she clapped her hand and showed the results of her practice
moments ago. “Since you heard everything, do I have the honor to cook for you?”


How ruthless.

This time around, Josie honestly had no reply for him.

Since she was young, her father taught her to always repay one’s kindness.

She remembered how Dexter had helped her all this while. If he didn’t ask Calvin to fix her laptop, she
wouldn’t have been able to take revenge on Samantha.

However, after mustering her courage, he rejected her offer.

Slightly crestfallen, she was about to nod and escape the awkward situation.

Suddenly, he spoke. “We’re going to the hospital tonight.”

“Are we visiting your grandfather?”

“We are fetching him home today.”

In the car, Josie finally knew that he had fully recovered and was whining about going home, but Dexter
had been busy. He only had some free time to fetch Henry home in the evening.

“Are you the only grandson? Where are the–” she blurted out but managed to catch herself halfway.

His eyes were shut. The neon lights from the surroundings outside reflected onto his exquisite face.

“My grandfather only has a son – my father. He passed when I was little. Grandpa is the one who
brought me up, so it must be me to take care of him. I feel uneasy if other relatives took over,” he
explained coolly, as though it was unrelated to him. However, the words ‘it must be me’ asserted his

Josie nodded and didn’t dare to ask about his mother.

Since he’s unwilling to talk about her, something terrible must have happened.

Before entering the ward, he stopped her and gave her his hand. She was momentarily stunned before
grabbing it.

His cold hand sent a jolt through her, but he quickly held her hand tightly.

“Remember to call me Dex,” he reminded.

Henry had been in the hospital for some time, so he couldn’t wait to go home. He was overjoyed when
he saw Josie.

“You’re the best, Jo. At least you came here to pick me up, unlike someone else…”

Dexter took the luggage prepared by the nurses.

“Grandpa, you’re so biased. Am I invisible to you?”

Josie smiled at him to cheer him up. “Dex has been talking about picking you up for the entire day.
Please forgive him, Grandpa.”

“Alright. I’ll do that for you,” he said willfully.

Henry looked much better, and his voice was steady.

Josie read through his report – it was a disease that was very difficult to cure. It seemed he had gotten
better simply because Dexter had found a wife.

Russell Mansion – the ancestral home of the Russells – was near the mountains and a lake. It was like
a little kingdom in Wavery, where every inch of land cost a bomb.

It was Josie’s first visit; she tried to suppress her surprise when she saw the mansion. Rich people’s
lives are so different!

However, the buildings looked familiar to her.

“Jo, if you like this place, feel free to come over anytime with Dexter. Just treat it as your own home.
You don’t have to care about pleasantries here.” His warm voice soothed her fears.

“You’re the humblest millionaire I’ve ever met,” she said with a smile.

Henry laughed out loud, and even Dexter had a small smile.

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