That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 29

Chapter 190 He Wanted to Capture Her Heart
Chapter 190 He Wanted to Capture Her Heart
“I’ve said this is my private. I hope you can respect me and stop asking!”
Cecelia changed the subject and asked, “Is there any food here? What are we having for lunch?”
“I’ve prepared it in advance. The fridge is stocked with all kinds of
Remington opened the fridge and showed her the abundant ingredients inside.
As expected, he had planned ahead and came prepared!
Even coming here during a typhoon was his plan, wasn’t it?
Cecelia’s eyes were calm, and her tone was like that of a commanding queen as she ordered, “Go
cook! I’m hungry!”
Her words sounded familiar. It seemed that he had commanded her like that before he recovered.
“Okay! You go rest! I’ll call you when it’s ready!”
His queen was hungry and wanted to test his cooking skills. No problem!
Remington felt like he had received a royal decree and immediately rolled up his sleeves to cook.
Cecelia went back upstairs and planned to find a book to read as she passed by the study.
She searched through the bookshelf for a while and accidentally pulled out a photo album. When she
flipped through the old photos inside, she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows.
The photos were of a child, and as she flipped through them, the boy grew older with each passing
From his wobbly first steps to his school days, from toddler to teenager, Cecelia saw each photo. But
when she came across a picture of the teenage boy, she was shocked.
This album actually contained a photo of a white-clad young man rescuing someone by the pool. She
was the little girl lying on the ground, wasn’t she?
Who took this photo?

Why was it here?
Chapter 190 He Wanted to Capture Her Heart
Could it be Remington’s album?
Was that white-clad young man him?
The boy’s face was just as charming and handsome as she remembered.

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At this moment, Cecelia’s heart was in turmoil, beating wildly. Her previously calm heart was churning
with tumultuous waves.
She couldn’t believe her eyes. Was the white-clad young man she had remembered in the depth of her
heart for so many years actually Remington?
To confirm this, she quickly walked out with the photo album and came to the kitchen. She saw
Remington’s back as he busily cooked.
Her feelings were extremely complicated as she called out, “Remington!”
Hearing that, Remington turned his head. “What’s wrong?”
“I just want to ask. Whose album is this?”
Cecelia lifted the old photo album in her hand.
“Mine. How did you find it?” Remington asked with a faint smile.
“So, all the photos inside are yours too?”
“Yes, some of my childhood photos. What do you think? Did you think I was handsome even as a
Remington made a handsome and charming gesture, running his fingers through the hair on his
Cecelia couldn’t help but feel so helpless as she turned her head to look away. But at this moment, her

heart was far from calm.
It really was him!
He was the white-clad young man who had saved her back then!
Perhaps it was destiny that brought them together again, and so many things had happened between
From this moment on, Cecelia’s attitude toward Remington
Chapter 190 He Wanted to Capture Her Heart
underwent a significant change, and she even had to re-evaluate this man.
Remington continued to cook. He was wearing a white shirt, just like. the white-clad young man in her
memory. She realized that he had become even taller, and his back was broader and more solid.
The white-clad young man had grown into a towering man!
Remington cooked for a long time, and it was finally time to showcase his cooking skills.
Remington brought the dishes to the table and called out to Cecelial upstairs, “Cece, come down and
Cecelia heard him and came out of the room, standing at the railing. and looking down from above.
Their eyes met unexpectedly. For a moment, time seemed to freeze as they looked at each other.
Remington’s brooding eyes were still keen. Cecelia looked away, hobbling down the stairs on one foot.
Seeing that she was having trouble walking, Remington didn’t hesitate and quickly ran up the stairs to
help her. “Need a hand?”
“Actually, no, I can walk on my own.”
“Don’t be silly!”
Remington cut her off, carried her in his arms, and went down the stairs.
Cecelia couldn’t help but exclaim as she found herself being held in his strong arms.
The warmth of his touch was palpable, making her feel somewhat embarrassed, but she was more

Cecelia was a little upset. Why did she suddenly feel so weak and vulnerable in front of Remington?
Wasn’t she doing just fine by herself when he wasn’t around?
Remington set her down in a seat at the dining table and sat across from her.
“Would you like to try my cooking?”
He had been busy preparing a meal for her approval and praise.
Chapter 190 He Wanted to Capture Her Heart
He cooked a delicious sirloin steak, paired with brightly colored vegetables, along with spaghetti and
mushroom soup. It looked great and smelled appetizing.
72% 12:11
Cecelia took a bite of the steak. Remington stared at her face and asked, “How does it taste?”
“Well, not bad.”
Cecelia was telling the truth.
Remington’s lips curled up into a smile. He felt extremely happy. Getting her approval made him feel a
bit proud.
As the saying went, the way to one’s heart was through their stomach.
He believed that he could win her heart by first capturing her taste buds with his culinary skills. This
method should work well.
They ate quietly and the atmosphere was nice. Remington suddenly looked up and asked, “Why were
you peeping at me?”
Cecelia brushed her hair behind her ear, trying to conceal her embarrassment. “When did I peep at
“I’m your man. You can look at me as much as you want.”
Remington noticed the faint blush on her cheeks, realizing that she could be shy sometimes.
Ignoring him, Cecelia continued eating, her hunger driving her to finish everything on her plate.

Remington was even prouder to see her finish her food. Winning her heart was just a matter of time!
After they finished their meal, Remington took the initiative to clean up the plates and kitchen. Once the
chores were done, he even took the time to brew a pot of tea.
When he entered the living room, Cecelia was sitting on the sofal reading a book. Remington poured
her a cup of tea.
“Would you like some tea?”
Cecelia put down her book and looked at the cup, then out the window at the swaying tree branches. “I
wonder when the typhoon will end.”
Chapter 190 He Wanted to Capture Her Heart
She had something on her mind and wanted to go to the Figuette Shop as soon as possible.
“I’m not sure. We can wait a little longer!”
Remington was not in a hurry to leave, secretly hoping for the typhoon to last a bit longer so that they
could be trapped for a few more days and he could have more time alone with her.
Suddenly, Cecelia’s phone rang on the table, interrupting their peaceful moment.
Remington glanced at the screen and saw that it was from her senior. He frowned unconsciously.
“Hello, senior.”
Cecelia answered, and the man on the other end asked her where she was and who she was with. She
raised her head and glanced at Remington subconsciously.
Remington could hear the man speak. Without waiting for her to reply, Remington sna tched the phone
from her hand and said in a stern voice, “You don’t need to ask. Cece is with me.”
“Who are you?”
The man’s voice suddenly turned cold.
“Then who are you?”
Even through the screen, the hostility between them could be felt, and the atmosphere instantly
became tense.

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