That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 37

“Sick?” Her colleagues exchanged glances.

Josie initially did not want to create untrue stories about Dexter. But when she thought about how he
took advantage of her this morning, she wanted to get back at him!

So she lied with a straight face. “Yeah, my husband has been kind of crippled since he was young, so
he doesn’t like meeting people. Well, you know what men are like. They don’t like to feel inferior.”

As soon as Josie finished speaking, everyone was quiet. Their eyes were full of sympathy. Claire
sneered, “You are such a saint for being willing to put the rest of your life in his hands.”

“Well, he loves me so much that he is willing to sacrifice his life for me. Love is wonderful. I only
married him because we matched each other!”

Josie cupped her face with both her hands. She trembled while trying to hold herself back from
laughing as she imagined Dexter being crazy about her.

“Mr…. Mr. Russell… Are you getting off work?” Alice’s voice trembled as she looked behind Josie.

Josie was still smiling as she responded. “Mr. Russell? What about Mr. Russell?”

However, as soon as she turned around, she saw Dexter in front of her.

He looked gloomy, like usual.

His hands were in the pockets of his tight black trousers. Josie felt slightly pressured when he looked at
her from a higher angle.

Josie took a step back in surprise, but she accidentally tripped over the chair and fell awkwardly.

A chorus of laughter suddenly burst out in the office.

God save me! Why do weird things like this happen every day since I met Dexter?

Dexter glanced at the woman on the ground. A sparkle glinted in his eyes as he answered Alice, “I just
happened to pass by. You all can get off work.”

He left as soon as he finished speaking. Ivy, who was behind him, hurried to catch up. After taking a
few steps forward, he turned around. Josie had just gotten up and was rubbing her wrist.

Ivy’s eyes turned dim.

Dexter had a business dinner tonight. He brought Phil along with him. Phil was one of the senior
employees in Russell Group whom he trusted.

When the meeting ended, Dexter asked, “There’s a vacancy in the design department. I don’t think
leaving it vacant for long is a good idea. Do you have any suggested candidate for it?”

The question took Phil by surprise. He thought hard about it.

Since the day Dexter asked him to give Josie a hand, he had guessed that something was going on
between them.

Dexter studied Phil’s expression under the bright moonlight. “Just tell me your thoughts. You don’t have
to have the same opinion as I do.”

“…I think Claire is quite competent. Josie is brave and responsible. However, she only started to stand
out recently. Compared to Claire, she is less experienced and has poorer results. On the other hand,
Claire has secured many projects for Russell Group over these years and gotten a lot of awards. So I
think Claire is better than Josie.”

Phil studied Dexter’s face carefully as he spoke. He was afraid that his opinion would offend Dexter.

Although Dexter was younger than Phil, he still made Phil feel oppressed.


Phil did not understand. “Then… What?”

Dexter’s tone grew cold. “You mentioned Josie’s flaws but didn’t mention Claire’s.”

Phil was stunned. Ivy, who had witnessed the whole thing all the while, spoke up for Phil, “What Mr.
Yves said is quite right. However, we cannot let an incident like Samantha’s repeat. Moral values are
important too.”

Ivy glanced at Dexter after she finished speaking. The man was staring far into the distance. He was
still buried in his thoughts.

Based on Ivy’s understanding of Dexter, he kept a clear boundary between work and personal life.

About thirty seconds later, Dexter raised his head and said, “Let’s go home. I’ll think about it.”

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