That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 35

Dexter arrived at his office early today, even before Ivy had prepared his breakfast.

Ivy panicked for a moment. She hurriedly prepared some toast. This was what she made for Dexter
daily. He was always too busy to take care of his meals.

“Mr. Russell, I’m sorry, I arrived late today. This is your breakfast.” Ivy said carefully.

Dexter was expressionless as he studied the financial reports for the first quarter of the year.

“I’m early today. I’ve eaten. You can have it.”

Eaten? Ivy was a little surprised. “… Okay.”

She picked up the plate and peeked at Dexter. Just at that moment, she saw a ring on his finger!

It was on his ring finger.

Its meaning was clear.

Ivy lost concentration for a moment. The plate in her hand slipped and fell onto the ground. Hot coffee
spilled all over her. “Ah!”

Only then did Dexter raise his eyes to look at Ivy. He frowned in dismay. “What’s the matter?”

She has always been steady and rarely made such elementary mistakes. What is wrong with her

“I’m sorry, Mr. Russell. I did not sleep well last night. I lost myself for a moment. I shall ask someone to
get this cleaned immediately.”

Dexter was a little annoyed. “Go. You can ask for sick leave the next time you feel unwell.”

He had always been like this; empathetic yet strict, kind yet cold. He was a professional at work.

Ivy stood still. Her eyes reddened, and she started to tremble.

“What’s wrong? Is there anything else?” Dexter frowned even harder.

“No, Mr. Russell. I’m just a little surprised. This is my first time seeing you wear a ring… Do you have
any good news to share about your private life?”

Ivy tried to hold herself back from crying. Although she knew Dexter hated others prying into his private
life, she still asked wryly with a smile.

It was the first time she felt her position threatened after so many years of being by his side.

Only then did Dexter notice the ring on his finger. He was taken aback. He had forgotten to take it off.
He had no plans to tell anyone about his marriage. But since someone he trusted found out, there was
no point in hiding it anymore.

“Yes.” He admitted frankly. “I’m married. It’s a secret marriage. No one knows about this. You are the
first. I do not plan to make it known to others. Do you understand?”

The first… Ivy could barely breathe. This hurt more than killing her. Why did he get married all of a

“I understand… But I’ve never seen you being close to any woman before. Why did you get married
suddenly? I don’t understand.”

Ivy was so obsessed with Dexter that she crossed the line.

Dexter crossed his arms in front of his body. His eyes were cold and full of dissatisfaction. “Ivy, you are
acting unprofessional today.”

“I’m sorry. I will call someone to come clean the place right away.” She walked out quickly and closed
the door after her. Tears streamed down her face.

She had been too professional all these years, so she had no opportunity to get close to him. She
thought she understood him the most, yet she did not even know that he was married!

Ivy closed her eyes in despair. At this moment, the image of his ring appeared in her mind. She opened
her eyes suddenly. Wait!

I have seen that ring before…

Where did I see it?

Ivy’s chest heaved heavily as a figure appeared in her mind. It was someone she had met half an hour

She took a step back. She could not accept it. How could it be? How could it be?


She had been in Russell Group for so many years. Yet she never had the chance to interact with
Dexter. Even if she did, it was just during these past few days. How can it be her?

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