That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 32

After Josie greeted Henry, she chased after Dexter and grabbed his arm. She spoke in a low voice,
“Mr. Russell, why are we staying?”

Dexter glanced outside and replied, “Do you want to be struck by lightning?”

Josie was stumped before she said, “But do you know what staying back means? I will be entering your
territory. Don’t you hate it when I enter your room?” The two cannot sleep in separate rooms under
Henry’s surveillance.

So this was what she was worried about.

Dexter was amused when he saw her acting awkwardly. He deliberately teased her. “It’s alright. This
isn’t Mason Garden. I’ll allow it.”

Before Josie could refute it, a maid walked over towards them with a blanket in her arms. She said
gently, “Please follow me.”


She opened the door and explained with a smile, “Although Dex seldom stays at home, we keep his
room clean.”

Josie braced herself and entered Dexter’s bedroom. It had a Nordic-style design—clean and simple. It
was just what he liked. His huge bed looked comfortable.

He seemed to get along with the people here very well since they called them ‘Dex .’He did not put on

This was Josie’s first time entering her boss’ private space. She felt a little afraid, yet bizarre at the
same time.

“Thank you, Marilyn. I will do the rest.” Dexter spoke, saving Josie from the awkwardness.

Marilyn nodded and glanced at the two youngsters teasingly before she left.

Josie felt the urge to hide.

Dexter patted Josie’s head, amused. He said, “I’ll shower first ”

I’ll shower first. It sounded like part of a conversation a new couple would have before experiencing
their first intimacy!

Josie blinked, “What about me?”

Dexter frowned.

“I mean, what about me after you’ve showered? I didn’t bring any clothes.” She needed a shower. It
had been a long day.

“Good question.”

An hour later, Josie opened the bathroom door quietly. “Mr. Russell, can you switch off the lights?”

The man was lying on the bed in his pajamas after a shower. He was reading the news. He raised his
eyes and replied, “No one would bother to look at you. Your figure is not that sexy anyway.”

Josie could not help but lower her head and look at herself. She was wearing Dexter’s shirt. But it was
so short that it barely covered her legs. A slight movement would expose her underwear.

“… Well… My legs……”

Dexter faintly smiled as he raised his hands to switch off the lights. The room turned dark instantly.
Josie took a deep breath before walking out of the bathroom. “Mr. Russell, where should I sleep?”

There was only one bed in the room.

“I don’t mind if you sleep on the floor.”

Josie quickly climbed up the bed and hid under the blanket. She curled herself up in one corner and
said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Russell! We should each have half of the bed! Whoever passes the center is a

Dexter narrowed his eyes. He was used to being called ‘Dex’ all night. He suddenly felt uneasy when
he heard her call him ‘Mr. Russell’.

“Go to sleep.” He paused a while before he continued, “Don’t worry. I’m not interested in you.”

But Josie could not sleep.

She had never slept with a man her whole life.

Moreover, Dexter smelled nice. This is weird. We used the same shower cream. Why does his smell
exceptionally pleasant? Josie gripped tightly onto the blanket. She could hear her own heart pounding

“Mr., Mr. Russell… Are you asleep?” She dared not move.


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