That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 25

“Since that’s the case, I will fulfill your request.”

With one last gaze at her laptop screen, Dexter walked away disdainfully.

Samantha shivered as she looked at his back. Anxiety rose within her as soon as she recalled his cold

What does he mean? From his tone, he seems to know the truth. Could Josie have told him her side of
the story? No, she wouldn’t do that. Her laptop is not working anymore, and there’s no evidence to
support her claims. Mr. Russell won’t believe her.

She paced around the room anxiously. Though she had a foolproof plan, she still couldn’t stop

Meanwhile, Dexter walked to Josie, who was still busy with the documents.

He frowned and knocked on her desk. “Bring your laptop to my office.”

She raised her head in a daze. Before she realized what was going on, he had already left.

If I remember correctly, he looked grim when he left.

“Why did Mr. Russell call Josie into his office out of a sudden?”

“She’s not in charge of any projects lately.”

Alice also scooted over and asked softly, “Could it be that Samantha complained about you, and he’s
going to fire you?”

“Help,” she yelped, but she didn’t think she would be fired. “We’ll see.”

She grabbed her laptop and caught up with Dexter, looking like she might die a heroic death.

On the top floor of Russell Group, Josie’s laptop was placed on Dexter’s desk.

He switched it on and typed away even though the screen was blue with indecipherable code.

“Mr. Russell, my laptop is infected with a virus. The technical team has tried fixing it a few times, but it’s
still not working,” she reported tentatively.

Could it be that his laptop broke down, and he wants to use mine? No, that shouldn’t be the case, she
speculated internally.

It was within his expectations. He massaged his temples, recalling Samantha’s indignance moments
ago. Then, he looked at Josie, who took on everything alone.

Suddenly, anger flared within him.

“Are you a punching bag for others?”


He didn’t reply to her. Instead, he took out his phone and made a call. The other person said
something, and he replied, “Be in my office in ten minutes.”

Josie was baffled by his actions. “Mr. Russell?”

He ignored her.


As soon as he looked at her, she forced a smile. “Mr. Russell, I was just saying I’ll leave your office now
if there’s nothing else to talk about. I have a lot of work to do.”

“Just wait here.”

Josie could only want quietly.

Ten minutes later, a rather wild-looking man arrived. “Dex, I never thought you would need me.”

Dexter turned the laptop to him. “Can you fix this?”

He crouched and examined the laptop closely. “Easy. Just give me half an hour.” He smiled widely.

They’re gonna fix my laptop?

Josie looked excited. “The technical team said this is the most potent virus abroad. Not many can fix

That man snorted out laughing and looked at Josie. “Well, look closely then. Because I’m one of those
that can.”

Woah… Dexter’s friend is really confident in himself.

Half an hour later, he finished typing, and the laptop resumed its normal state. He passed it to Dexter.
“Check if anything’s missing.”

Before Dexter could react, Josie excitedly snatched the laptop and located her designs. When she saw
them, she almost cried tears of joy.

“This is great! I can finally prove that I didn’t copy her work!”

Dexter’s friend was perplexed to see that. He looked at his best friend smiling at Josie, who was
dancing around.

This is a miracle.

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