That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 33

Dexter’s voice was hoarse from, perhaps, sleepiness.

Josie’s ears were burning from embarrassment.

“I should return this bangle to you. It is too expensive. I worry I will spoil it.”

“Grandpa gave it to you. Do you want to make him sad?”

Josie sighed. “Then I shall return it to you when we get divorced.”

Dexter paused. He suddenly felt annoyed even though the divorce was expected.

“This jade bangle is an antique from the last century. It is so pure that you will never find a third one in
this country. You could buy an island with it.”

Josie almost fell out of bed when she heard Dexter’s words.

She would never be able to pay for it even if she sold herself.

“So you will have to take responsibility if you damage it.”

He is a devil.

Josie had felt a little touched initially. But now, she only felt like sleeping. “Goodnight, Mr. Russell.”

She was met with silence.

The next morning.

The first person Josie saw when she opened her eyes was Dexter. The man’s face looked huge. She
did not notice anything strange as she croaked, “Good morning, Mr. Russell.”

Dexter did not respond.

Josie took a few seconds to realize that there was skin underneath her hand. She rubbed against it for
a bit before a thought got through her head.

She was hugging Dexter with a leg wrapped over his waist! She was treating him like a doll. The ‘doll’s’
face was dark. He was obviously unhappy about the treatment he was receiving.

“Whoever passes the center is a twit? Josie, do you feel comfortable lying on my body?” The man
sounded annoyed.

He had always hated intimacy with women.

Josie quickly got away and apologized, “I’m… I’m sorry! I did not do that on purpose. I forgot to tell you
that I move a lot when sleep…”

Only then, Dexter sat up. Just as he was about to lash out, he accidentally saw her body through her
shirt’s rolled-up sleeves. He quickly looked away as he blushed hard.


Immediately after speaking, he locked himself in the bathroom and started freshening himself up. Josie
did not see Dexter out of breath as he looked into the mirror at himself.

This is impossible. Why would I be aroused by her…

Josie, on the other hand, just realized what Dexter saw. She shrieked in utter embarrassment.


The two of them did not talk to each other.

“Why aren’t the two of you talking?”

Henry asked Dexter and Josie at the dining table. He could feel that something was going on between

Josie buried her face in her bowl. She did not dare raise her head and look at Dexter. She replied dully,
“It’s nothing, Grandpa. I’m just still sleepy.”

God save me! I’m still single, but Dexter has seen my naked body! Am I still pure?

Josie simply ate a few mouthfuls, then excused herself after exchanging pleasantries. “Grandpa, I must
hurry to work, or I’ll be late!”


Dexter took his car keys and said, “I’m heading to work too.” The image of him chasing after Josie
made him seem younger.

Marilyn smiled as she watched Dexter leave. “Dex has changed ever since he got together with Jo.”

“The kid needed a companion.”

Josie got into Dexter’s car.

She curled herself up in a corner to distance herself from Dexter.

“Why are you acting shy? I’m the one who was being taken advantage of, Miss.”

“Who, who’s acting shy? Moreover, it’s different for males and females. You only got hugged for a short
moment, whereas I lost my purity!” Josie held her face in her hands as she cried distressfully.

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