That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 31

The maids at Russell Mansion knew that Henry was going to be discharged, so they made a
scrumptious dinner.

This was Josie’s second meal with Henry. She was not as nervous as before now that she knew Henry
cared about her genuinely.

After dinner, he called both of them to his study.

He was a Buddhist, so he lit an incense that smelled nice.

Josie was still looking around the familiar surroundings. I feel like I’ve been here before.

Dexter grabbed her hand. “What’s wrong?”

“This place looks familiar. Perhaps I’ve seen similar designs in some books. Just ignored me,” she
replied uncertainly.

At that moment, Henry took out a vintage box and motioned for Josie to sit.

“Your grandma left this for you. Before she died, she was hoping to see Dexter get married.


“There’s a jade bracelet in it. It has been passed down since your great-great-grandmother. It was with
Dex’s mother before this, but there were some accidents… Josie, it’s time to pass it to you now.”

He opened the box, revealing a beautiful jade bangle that shone brightly. It was apparent that it cost a
lot of money.

It was out of Josie’s expectations to receive such an invaluable gift. She quickly rejected him. “No, no. I
can’t take such an important item. Grandpa, just keep it as it is.”

Henry spoke seriously. “Before my wife died, she made me promise to hand this over to Dexter’s future
wife. You’re his wife now – you’re entirely entitled to this.”

Yes, but I’m not actually his wife! I can’t take this!

She shot a helpless glance at Dexter and pulled his sleeves. Say something!

He felt that he had been smiling too much lately. Josie’s eyes were slightly red, looking like a timid

“Just take it,” he replied.

Do you know what you’re talking about?

Dexter held her wrist and put it on her. The jade had a great contrast against her fair hands.

“Is there anything my wife can’t take? You’re implying that you don’t want to be my wife by rejecting
this,” he said calmly, rendering Josie speechless.

She couldn’t refute him in front of Henry.

What about our act? He’s not following the script at all!

“That’s right.” Henry was over the moon upon seeing that. “Even if my granddaughter-in-law wants the
moon, we will get it for her.”

Josie was still struggling against Dexter. He shot him a glance. “The jade will look prettier if you wear it
often. Just keep it with you.”

“Alright, then.” I definitely can’t take this. I have to return it to him later.

Rain started pouring down outside.

Josie ran to the balcony and saw the downpour accompanied by some lightning.

She looked at Dexter worriedly. “It’s raining.”

“Yeah. It looks like it’s not going to stop anytime soon.” Henry waved. “You guys don’t have to hurry
back. It’s unsafe to drive in this weather anyway. Just stay the night.”

Her fears had come true.

Dexter didn’t have any objections. “Let’s do that.”

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