That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 34

Dexter laughed, “Josie, have you never?”

Josie wished so hard that she didn’t understand what Dexter was referring to… But she could not
pretend that she didn’t understand. That would mean she had lost.

“Who told you that? Of course, I have!”

Dexter’s smile slowly faded away. His face darkened.

He merely hummed in response a few moments later. Then, he started speeding so fast that the
seatbelt tightened over Josie’s body. It was painful, but Josie dared not voice out.

This man’s feelings were written all over his face and actions.

On the twenty-seventh floor at Russell Group.

Josie walked out of the elevator gloomily. She bumped into Alice by coincidence. Alice greeted her
enthusiastically, “Morning!”


“What’s the matter with you? Why do you look lifeless? You should have had a good night’s sleep since
Samantha left.”

“Unfortunately, I was in the wolf’s den last night.”

Alice did not get Josie’s meaning. However, the bangle on Josie’s wrist caught her eye. She widened
her eyes and exclaimed in disbelief. “Josie!”

Everyone around them was startled by Alice’s cry. Josie almost jumped in fright, too, out of guilt,
“What’s wrong?”

“What is on your wrist?”

Everyone stared at Josie’s wrist when they heard Alice’s question. The expensive bangle was very
eye-catching on Josie’s fair wrist. As designers, everyone noticed the quality of the bangle at once.

“Wow, Josie!”

Josie’s heart started pounding wildly again. It seemed to be on a roller coaster ride today.

She tried hard to maintain her calm as she said, “Why are you all giving me that look? I wouldn’t be
able to afford such an expensive item. This is a fake! It looks real, doesn’t it?”

It was pretty convincing indeed, as Josie had always been stingy.

“Well, its workmanship is quite good.”

“I knew it! It couldn’t be real. Although you look good in it, you can still only wear a fake.” Claire spoke.
She was also from the design department.

Since Samantha left, everyone was guessing if Josie or Claire would be the next director. They were
the top designers in the department.

Claire was the leader of Group A. She had a higher chance of getting picked.

But Josie’s performance yesterday was outstanding. She stood a chance too.

Alice wanted to speak up for Josie, but Josie stopped her. “It’s fine. There’s no need to continue this
conversation. Let’s start work.”

Alice sighed and looked at Josie’s wrist again. But her look stopped at Josie’s hand this time. “Hey, why
is there a ring on your finger? Is that real? It isn’t fake, too, is it? Why have you been wearing jewelry
recently… Wait, isn’t this your wedding ring?”

Oh yeah.

Dexter insisted that she wore her wedding ring yesterday when they met Henry. She had forgotten to
take it off after.

Josie nodded embarrassedly, “Well, it’s just some handicraft. I’m wearing it for fun.”

When everyone left, Josie took off the ring. She had a headache. The bangle was too eye-catching.
She could not keep explaining to everyone who asked. She had to find a place to hide it.

Ivy witnessed the whole scene at the design department this morning.

She had felt uneasy when she heard from Lucy about what had happened yesterday. Ivy had a hunch
that something was going on between Dexter and Josie. She did not expect to see this as soon as she
arrived at the twenty-seventh floor this morning when she reached Russell Group.

Jade bangle, ring…

An employee who happened to pass by greeted her, “Ms. Miller, what brings you to our floor? Did Mr.
Russell send you here?”

The whole of Russell Group knew how important Ivy was to Dexter. She had been working with Russell
Group before it started expanding. She had a lot of authority in Russell Group, so everyone who met
her was sure to be polite to her.

Ivy regained her consciousness and replied, “It’s nothing. I’m just looking around. I’m going up first.”

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