That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 36

The project had to go on even though Samantha had left.

Naturally, Josie took charge of the mess. But she changed the design because she didn’t want her
reputation to be tarnished.

Sure enough, the design was approved, and payment was made swiftly by the satisfied client.

The whole design department was discussing the vacant director’s position. They wondered if Josie or
Claire would succeed in the role since both were capable and had been with Russell Group for quite a
long time.

Josie did not seem interested when Alice got to the topic. She said, “I don’t want to be the director.
Being the director is too hustling for me.”

“Why are you so unambitious? Aren’t you trying to make money for your father’s medical bills? You’ll
make much more money if you become the director.”

Medical bills… With Dexter looking out for Paul, he had the best medical team assigned to him. She did
not have to worry about him anymore. But she suddenly thought of the possibility that Dexter might not
need her one day and would divorce her.

She would be left with nothing.

“Thank you for reminding me. I will try my best and show my worth!”

At the pantry in the design department.

Lucy handed a cup of coffee to Ivy. She glanced in the direction Ivy was looking at. Josie was busy with

“Why are you so obsessed with Josie lately, Ivy? She is just someone who plagiarizes. Do you feel
threatened by her too?”

Ivy’s face darkened. This woman was quite good-looking, although not particularly beautiful. How was it
possible for her to be married to Dexter? She comforted herself. Perhaps their rings are just a

The ring on Josie’s finger was gone. She had no chance to affirm her guess anymore.

“Mr. Russell wants me to keep an eye on her. She is capable and has a bright future ahead.” Ivy took a
sip of coffee and lied calmly.

“Mr. Russell told you to do so? Ivy, are the rumors true? Is she hooking up with Mr. Russell?” Lucy was

Ivy froze.

But Lucy quickly denied her negative thoughts. “How could Mr. Russell possibly fall in love with her?
She’s a married woman. Who would want her?”

This was new to Ivy. She quickly put down her coffee and asked, “What did you say? She’s married?”

Lucy looked shocked as she explained, “Yes, we found out last week. She hid it really well. She has
been married for years, yet no one knew!”

“When did she get married? Who is her husband?”

“This… She didn’t tell us. We don’t know either…”

Ivy took a deep breath and went straight to the point. “Did you say you found out she was married last


Dexter started having interactions with Josie recently too… How could there be such coincidences in
the world?

Ivy felt more and more threatened. She was sure that Dexter’s bride was Josie!

It was almost time to finish work.

Josie tidied her stuff and was ready to get off work on time. She never worked overtime.

At that moment, Lucy passed by with some documents in her arms. She smiled, “Josie, the design
department is having a gathering dinner this weekend. Would you like to bring your husband along?
We haven’t met your husband, although you married long ago.”

Was there a rule that one must bring their husband to meet their colleagues?

Someone chirped in before Josie could reply. “Yeah. He doesn’t come to pick you up after work too.
He’s so ungentlemanlike.”

“Perhaps she doesn’t even have a husband?”

Josie rolled her eyes. She wanted to tell them so badly that they had already seen him. They wouldn’t
even dare talk to him if he stood before them.

She thought for a while, then chuckled, “Well, my husband is quite sick. It is inconvenient for him to
follow me out.”

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