That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 38

Dexter’s Porsche flew fast and smoothly.

Phil’s forehead was covered in sweat. “Ms. Miller, did I say anything wrong just now?”

Ivy crossed her arms in front of her. Her face was gloomy as she answered, “Don’t worry. Just stick to
your answer if Mr. Russell asks you the same question. He’s always serious at work. He will not take it

“I know.” Phil still felt uneasy. “But Josie and Mr. Russell, they seem…”

“No!” Ivy interrupted suddenly. “Mr. Russell doesn’t pick on people. He focuses on the matters itself.”

She could pry into the truth and act as if nothing had happened. But it was different for others. She
would not allow anyone else to know Jodie’s relationship with Dexter!


It was the weekend tomorrow. Jodie did not plan to sleep early. She made supper with Julie to pass the

Julie nodded enthusiastically. “Mrs. Russell, you are an expert in the kitchen. It looks delicious.”

Josie nodded proudly, “I grew up in a less fortunate family. I lived from hand to mouth, so I made my
meals to save money. I learned how to cook in time.”

Jenny never did any chores. Most of the time, it was Paul who cooked. But Josie did not want Paul to
get too exhausted from both work and home, so she did most of the chores at home.

Josie poured the drink she had made into a glass. She glanced outside, but she did not see anyone.

“Julie, does Mr. Russell often come back this late?” She had never seen Dexter come home early after
staying at his place for so long.

“Yeah. Mr. Russell is always busy with work. Sometimes, he only gets home in the early morning.
Before you moved in, he would sleep in hotels whenever he got drunk outside.”

This sounded weird to Josie, but she did not want to overthink it. She did not like to think after work.

No wonder Dexter was so successful. He worked very hard.

“Mrs. Russell.” Julie nudged Josie and winked at her. “You made so many delicious dishes tonight. You
must have done all this for Mr. Russell, right?”

“Well… That’s quite right…”

Luckily it was Dexter, so she still had the chance to make it up and apologize to him. If it were any other
men, they would have divorced her if they heard her say they were disabled!

She recalled the look in Dexter’s eyes back then…

At this moment, Josie heard the car engine revving into the garden.

Julie took the dessert and beverages and brought them out. “Mr. Russell. You’re back. Mrs. Russell
made you these for supper.”

Dexter’s initially cold eyes sparkled with surprise. The dining table was full of exquisite food, and they
smelled good.

He raised his head and saw Josie running out of the kitchen while taking off her apron.

“You… You’re back.”

Julie and the maids excused themselves, leaving Josie and Dexter alone.

“You made these?” Dexter was surprised.

“Yes, but Julie and the others gave me a hand. Would you like to try some? I made this strawberry
cake, mango crepe, and chocolate truffles. I promise they’re better than the ones you buy outside!”

“I don’t do desserts.”

Josie was embarrassed.

“… I didn’t know. I wanted to show appreciation to you. That’s why I made a table full of food for you.
But you came home late, so I could only make you supper.” She lowered her head, wishing that there
was a place to hide.

“Josie,” Dexter said in a low voice. He suddenly noticed how short she was. “Are you trying to cheer me

Josie immediately raised her head and waved her hands vigorously. “No, no. I’m trying to make it up to
you. I said some… demeaning words about you just now. I hope you won’t take it to heart. I will not do
it again!”

She did not look flirtatious at all. She just looked sincere in her apology!

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