That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 39

She really cannot afford to lose her job!

Dexter folded his arms in front of his chest. The look on his face was cold and aloof. “I remember giving
you information about myself when you moved in. It is stated that I don’t take desserts. Don’t you know
how much trouble you’d cause if this scene happened outside?”

Josie lowered her head while she was being nagged. She had forgotten that only Henry knew that they
were married.

They seemed more like a superior and a subordinate now.

“Mr. Russell, the information…”

“You should spend more effort and time on your job.”

Dexter interrupted her before she could finish. He walked past her and went upstairs. She could smell
the stench of alcohol on him.

Josie sat on the sofa, frustrated. She had lost her appetite.

Was he implying that getting to know him was her job?

Her efforts were taken for granted! Why would someone not love desserts? Life was already so
stressful, and only sweets could make one feel better…

“Whatever. I’ll eat it if you don’t want to.” Josie murmured. She picked up the cake on the table and
started digging into it. The sweetness of the cake dissolved in her mouth. However, she still felt

Why did you have to be so mean? I was purely joking just now. Nobody knows you’re my husband

He wasn’t like this at Russell Mansion yesterday.

The tall man stood in the corridor on the second floor. He glanced down and saw the little woman
sitting on the sofa. Her cheeks moved as she ate.

When she finally got tired from eating, she froze for a while. She seemed aggrieved and was trying to
calm herself down.

Dexter frowned hard. His heart sank.

He did not intend to speak so harshly to her. But he had to. He wanted her to work harder so that she
could become the director of the design department.

Then he wouldn’t need to worry about her that much.

Josie seemed to feel his stare. She turned around and looked in Dexter’s direction. There was still
cream on the side of her mouth. Dexter took a step backward and hid in the dark.

Josie did not see anyone. She thought she was mistaken, so she got up and cleared the table. She
needed to refresh herself to feel better.

The next day.

It was the weekend, but Josie had gotten up early for a part-time job at the mall. She was working as
an actor in an escape room. They paid her two hundred a day.

She didn’t go for her part-time job last week because of Dexter. When she was finally done with her
ghost makeup, her phone rang. It was a call from the hospital. It startled Josie, but she quickly

answered it. “Hello, Dr. Sander? Is everything well with my dad?”

It was noisy at the other end of the phone. Matthew hesitated a while before answering Josie. “Jo, you
should come to the hospital.”

Jenny was at the hospital.

She could not reach Josie these few days. She had guessed that Josie would come to visit Paul at the
hospital on weekends, so she was waiting there. However, she was surprised that the hospital did not
ask her for any payment when she arrived. In addition, Paul was transferred to the VIP suite!

The nurse spoke gently, “Your child paid two hundred thousand for the medical bills.”

Jenny was infuriated immediately.

It turned out that Josie had money. She just didn’t want to give her any!

Jenny quickly pestered the nurse to return the balance of the medical bill. She told the nurse that there
was an emergency at home and she needed the money.

“If you don’t return me the balance, I will sit here and wait! I will not leave!”

The huge fuss she caused attracted many people. Matthew heard the commotion from his room, so he
walked out to see what was happening. It was then he saw Jenny on the floor, demanding money.

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