That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 40

Chapter 200 Quadruplets
“Who is he? Why is he at your house?”
Jersey came to the Cathail Republic specifically for Cecelia,
intending to give her a surprise, but now he was the one who was surprised.
He couldn’t believe that Cecelia was in a room with a man who was only wearing a towel.
Seeing this scene, Jersey felt a surge of anger in his heart. He dropped the bouquet of flowers in his
hand and exuded a sense of hostility.
“Jersey, I didn’t expect you to come today. Let me introduce myself.” Cecelia intended to introduce the
two men to each other.
“Let me introduce myself.”
Remington had already guessed that the man was Cecelia’s schoolmate, who Cecelia had mentioned
before. Jersey was also pursuing Cecelia. Now that his love rival had come to him, Remington, of
course, should declare his relationship with Cecelia.
He embraced Cecelia and said, “Hello, I am Cecelia’s husband, Remington Nelson.”
Jersey looked up and down at him, his hand clenching into a fist on his side.
“So, he’s the dying guy who stole Cecelia with the excuse of having her bring blessings to him?”
thought Jersey.
Without saying a word, Jersey threw a punch at Remington.
Although Remington couldn’t see, his hearing was good enough to feel it and catch Jersey’s fist in time.
Their fists collided, and they pushed each other.
Jersey’s nose wrinkled. He wanted to pull back his fist, but unfortunately, Remington’s fist was firm like
a huge rock.
Suddenly, Remington turned sharply and pushed hard, breaking Jersey’s wrist. In pain, Jersey was
pushed a few steps back. Jersey was not convinced and dashed toward Remington again. Seeing

Jersey rushing up to fight with Remington again, Cecelia
Chapter 200 Quadruplets

quickly pulled him back and said, “Calm down, Jersey!”
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“How can I calm down? He actually forced you to marry him to make you bring blessing to him.”
Jersey was furious. He had been taking care of Cecelia, but before he hadn’t even had a chance to
propose, she married Remington. How could Jersey accept this?
“I never forced Cecelita,” Remington said.
Cecelia also explained, “Yes, he didn’t force me. I was willing to marry him to bring him blessings.”
“Why? Why did you have to marry him?”
Jersey knew she was an independent and opinionated woman who wouldn’t make such a foolish
decision as to marry a man for a reason like bringing him blessings. After all, they were no longer in the
ancient times..
Jersey believed that the Nelsons might have played some tricks and forced Cecelia to do that.
“He saved my life, and I owe him. It was only right to do that,” responded Cecelia.
Even though Jersey knew Cecelia was marrying Remington out of gratitude, it couldn’t quell Jersey’s
“Even if you want to repay him, you didn’t have to marry him. This guy…looks like he deserves a
beating. Move aside and let me teach him a lesson!”
Jersey couldn’t control himself and dashed forward to hit Remington again.
Cecelia quickly stood in front of Remington to protect him. “Jersey, you can’t hit him. He can’t see
anything right now.”
“He can’t see anything?” Jersey looked at Remington again and snorted. “Who bélieves? I’ve already
checked. His injuries have healed and his eyesight has returned. Cecelia, don’t let him deceive you!”
“He didn’t deceive me. His eyes really got injured again,” explained Cecelia.

“That was a trick he deliberately played. He’s just trying to deceive you.” Jersey threw off his suit jacket
and said arrogantly, “Get out of my way! I must teach this liar á lesson today.”
Chapter 200 Quadruplets
Remington heard the name Cecelia had just said. “His name is Jersey?”
Cecelia refused to move and tried to persuade him, “Jersey, you can’t hit him.”
“Why? Why do you have to protect him?” asked Jersey.
“Because he is the biological father of my sons,” replied Cecelia.
Jersey was shocked and thought, “Remington is actually the biological father of Max and Cyrus?”
Jersey felt a sense of frustration in his heart when he thought that Cecelia had children with this man.
Jersey pointed at Remington and asked, “He is just the guy who caused you to have quadruplets and
almost died?”
Upon that, Remington thought he had misheard. “What? Quadruplets?
“Stop pretending here! You made Cecelia pregnant with quadruplets, you ruthless b astard! Do you
know that five years ago, Cecelia almost died when giving birth to them?”
If it weren’t for Cecelia protecting Remington, Jersey would have beaten him up.
Remington touched Cecelia’s shoulder and squeezed it. “Cecelita, what’s going on? I thought we only
have three children. Why did he say you gave birth to quadruplets?”
“Cecelia didn’t tell you about the quadruplets, right? The youngest child was a girl, who died just after
her birth. You jerk! Since you made Cecelia pregnant, why didn’t you take care of her?”
Jersey cared about Cecelia, so he wanted to help her vent her anger.
“Alright. Jersey, please go downstairs now. We’ll talk later.”
Cecelia pushed Jersey out of the room and took him downstairs.
When she returned to the room, Remington heard her footsteps and asked with a serious expression,
“Cecelita, you didn’t give birth to just three, but four children? So, I have three sons and one
daughter, and the daughter died in infancy? Is that true? Tell me the truth!”
Previously, Remington was extremely excited to hear about having triplets, but now he was

heartbroken when he learned that they had lost a daughter.
Chapter 200 Quadruplets
Cecelia didn’t hide anything. “Yes. I gave birth to four children. The youngest was a girl who died in
Remington felt really sorry after hearing that.
“I’m sorry,” he apologized for what he had done back then.
If he hadn’t asked her to help him give birth to a child, she wouldn’t have suffered so much.
Thinking about how difficult it must be for her to raise the children. alone, he thought he truly owed her
an apology.
Cecelia could feel his sincere repentance. His eyes were red and sparkling with tears, his fists were
clenched tightly, and the bulging veins indicated his deep sorrow and pain at that moment.
She sighed softly and said, “You don’t need to apologize. I never regretted giving birth to them. Now
that you know the truth, I don’t want to keep it from you anymore. I think our daughter may still be
“What? Where is she?” Remington asked in shock.
“Do you know Maggie?” Cecelia asked.
“Yes. What does it have to do with her?”
“I accidentally saw a little girl named Doris Taylor before. She is Maggie’s granddaughter. But that child
looks very similar to our sons, so I suspect that she might be our daughter who is thought to have died
back then.”
“If that’s the case, we can just go to Maggie and get our child back.”
Remington stood up, hoping that his eyes would recover immediately so that he could see his children
with his own eyes.
He also hoped that he could go and get back his daughter right. away.
“No rush. It’s just my guess. We still need further investigation to confirm it.” Cecelia shared her

thoughts with him. “Remington, I have come up with a good idea to confirm our daughter’s identity. I
may need your help.”
Remington’s heart was filled with excitement. “I will do anything to help you get back our daughter, no
matter what it takes. What’s your plan?”

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