That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 42

After their meal, Josie and Matthew walked out of the restaurant. They were in an affluent business

“I’ve got to go back to the hospital.”

“What a shame. Does someone have to do double shifts this weekend?” Josie teased.

Matthew pinched her nose in retaliation and said, “Is someone planning to ditch their part-time job and
find another one?”

“Dr. Sander, you hurt me.” Josie pouted.

Dexter was walking out of a Japanese restaurant from the shopping mall across from the pair. He was
greeted with such a scene when he raised his eyes.

I can’t believe Josie is flirting with some other guy in front of me!

“Mr. Russell, it was nice talking business with you. I will increase the work progress when I get back.”
Dexter’s business partner said while reaching his hand out for a shake.

Dexter recollected himself and shook his hand briefly, “I look forward to our partnership.”

“I’ve got another thing to get to. If everything is settled, I’ll take my leave first.”


Dexter watched as the man left. When he turned back to the pair, the man was gone. Josie stood by
herself. She seemed uneager to leave.

After Matthew left, Josie was about to walk in the opposite direction but stopped. She thought she saw
a familiar shadow just then. She cocked her head to the side curiously and saw Dexter standing in front

of the Japanese restaurant opposite her. He stood tall and had a good figure. He wasn’t wearing a suit
today and had on a plain white POLO shirt and black slacks. Although dressed casually, he gave off a
luxurious air and attracted the attention of the people around him.

Why is he here?!

Before Josie could react, Dexter was already walking to her with his imposing aura.

Josie forced a smile as she thought about last night’s situation, “Hi, Mr. Russell. What a coincidence! I
didn’t expect to see you here. Did you have a good lunch?”

“Aren’t you impressive. I was wondering how you recovered so quick. Who knew it was because you
had a date.”

Josie did not understand what he meant by her recovering quickly.

“What date? Matthew is my friend! Does it matter to you if I have lunch with my friends? I don’t think
that’s in the contract, Mr. Russell.”

“Friend? I didn’t realize you were so open that you’d let a male friend pinch your nose.” Dexter raised
his voice slightly.

Josie understood what he meant by that. She scoffed and rebutted, “In France, people greet with
kisses to the cheek. We’re living in the twenty-first century. I didn’t know you were so conservative, Mr.

Josie’s words made Dexter choke on his saliva. When he cleared his throat, Josie was already on the
escalator going down. He hurried behind her.

“Josie, stay away from that guy.”

Josie stuffed her fingers into her ears.

Dexter pulled her hands away and said, “Did you hear me?”

“Why?” She asked with bright eyes.

“He doesn’t have good intentions.”


“He just doesn’t! Anyways, don’t get close to other guys in public. You’re only going to bring me more
trouble!” Dexter said as he averted his eyes sheepishly.

Josie did not want to listen to him. She was still mad about yesterday, “I knew Matthew before I even
met you. Mr. Russell, don’t you think asking me not to meet my friend is too much?”

“Friend? Josie, you’re being too naïve.” Dexter tossed her hand away.

Men know men the best. She’s such an idiot not to be able to see the way Matthew Sander leers at her.

“You’re so weird, Dexter Russell!” Josie burst out as she couldn’t stand his attitude toward her.

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