That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 43

Dexter shook himself out of his daze and grabbed Josie’s hand before she could leave, “Follow me.”


Dexter had long legs and walked fast. Josie could only quicken her steps into a light job as he pulled
her along.

“Dexter! Dexter! Why do I have to follow you home? It’s the weekend! I have things to do!” She shouted
at him as she covered her face.

Dexter’s Porsche was parked in front of the shopping mall. He opened the door, tossed her in, then
quickly got into the driver’s seat and put his seatbelt on.

“Sit tight.”

Dexter navigated his way through traffic at high speed. Josie clutched her seatbelt tightly. She glanced
at the rearview mirror and saw the cars far behind them.

It would cause them a lot to compensate for damages to a Porsche 911.

“What did you have with that doctor?”

Josie was stumped for a moment before replying, “I… Italian. Why?”

Dexter clenched his teeth together but did not reply to her.

“What are you doing, Dexter? I agreed to work with you, but you didn’t say I have to spend my
weekends with you, too. You can’t just create clauses…”

Josie was met with silence. She was going crazy with all the anxiety inside of her.

When she thought about him reproaching her for having lunch with Matthew, she continued angrily,
“I’ve been running errands the whole day. I haven’t even found a new part-time job after running away
from my previous one. I’m wasting my precious time being here with you when I can be earning

“What part-time job?” Dexter slightly released his foot off the accelerator. He didn’t think this woman
would have a part-time job to attend to on the weekends.

“Do you not understand? It’s as I said. A! Part! Time! Job!”

Dexter turned the steering wheel and said, “If I remember correctly, you have an income of over ten
thousand a month. Why do you need to work part-time if you’ve already settled your parents’ medical

Josie glared at him from the side of her eye and rebutted. “You’re wrong. Although I have some
savings, one should always prepare for a rainy day. What if, one day, you leave me to fend for myself?
Women have to be independent; we can’t always rely on other people. Of course, I’m relying on you
now, but that’s because I have no choice. Also, you don’t know Mr. Russell, but inflation is happening!
The things you use at home are getting more and more expensive!”

She spoke without taking any breaks, and her expression was self-righteous.

Dexter did not say anything but suddenly stopped the car and caused Josie’s shoulder to hurt from
being pushed into the seatbelt. She looked around to see they had arrived at a luxurious market.

“Aren’t we going home? What are we doing here?”

Dexter unbuckled his seatbelt with a click.

“Today, I’ll let you be in charge.”

The target demographic of this supermarket was the rich. Even something simple would cause
hundreds. Dexter was a member, and whenever they needed groceries, he would get Ivy to buy them.
He had never been here, but Josie had. She knew the prices on the items here were not for the faint-

She glanced at the man pushing the cart and whispered, “Oil and salt might have gone up in price, but
the prices here are ridiculous! Let’s go to a neighborhood supermarket if you want to play house. You
can spend as much as you want there.”

Dexter placed his hand on her head and said, “Didn’t you say you were going to cook for me last night?
This is your chance to show me what you got.”

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