That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 45

It was evening when they walked out of the supermarket. The sunset cast a pink glow over the city,
giving it a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Josie had her back toward the light. She couldn’t see Dexter’s face clearly, but the sunset colored his
hair golden. He was systematically putting the groceries they had bought into the trunk. Josie felt an
indescribable feeling within her; her heart started to race. It was undeniable Dexter was a sensible and
mature man. There weren’t many men like him, even less those that stood at the top of the food chain.
Josie couldn’t believe she had bagged this man as her husband.

Albeit… only in name.

“Get in. What are you doing?” Dexter tapped the underside of her head.

Josie wanted to ask him if he had ever dated before or if he had ever liked someone, but she stopped
herself. Because she knew Dexter probably wouldn’t answer, and even if he did, it probably would not
satisfy her curiosity.

When they returned to Mason Garden, Julie jumped when she saw how many groceries they had

Josie was quick on her feet. She started to busy herself the moment she entered the house while
Dexter sent some emails from the couch in the living room. He would occasionally glance toward the
kitchen. It was his first time seeing a woman donning an apron and cooking for him.

A delicious aroma wafted from the kitchen shortly after, and Josie came out with some dishes.

“Time to eat,” she called out.

The last time someone besides a servant had called him for a meal was fifteen years ago.

Fifteen years have gone by in a blink…

There were several Italian dishes on the table. When Julie saw the spicy arrabbiata pasta, she
commented worriedly, “Mr. Russell doesn’t really eat food with strong flavors. How about I make a
couple of light dishes?”

Josie took off her apron and stopped her, “No, he requested this, and I spent so much time on it. You
don’t have to worry, Ms. Carroll.”

“Don’t worry. I can eat it.” Dexter unbuttoned the cuffs on his sleeves and rolled them up.

He could eat spicy food, but it had been a while.

Josie wasn’t as good at eating spicy as he was. Ten minutes later, she was downing glasses of milk,
but besides a hint of red on Dexter’s lips, he showed no reaction.

“It’s not bad.”

Josie was clenching her teeth from the spice.

“Mr. Russell, most people in Wavery can’t stand spicy food. I didn’t expect you to take it so well.”

Dexter paused and said, “I had a friend who liked to eat spicy food. But my friend wasn’t good at eating
it. We often went to eat together, so I got used to it.”

“Was your friend male or female?” Josie asked.

“Female,” Dexter replied hesitantly.

Josie’s hand loosened, and her face almost hit the table. She looked at Dexter warily.

I didn’t think he would have female friends.

“Where is she now?”

“She’s gone.” Dexter’s image of his friend and Josie’s face merged into one.

The air grew thick, and Josie felt stupid for asking.

“Sorry. I didn’t know…”

Dexter averted his gaze. His eyes were filled with sorrow.

“She’s not dead. I just can’t find her.”

Can’t find her… Josie felt as though she had swallowed a rock. She didn’t dare to ask anymore. She
could tell from Dexter’s tone that he did not want to talk about it.

Dexter broke the silence by picking up his fork and asking, “Why did you quit your job and have lunch
with that doctor today?”

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