That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 46

Josie felt annoyed as soon as the topic was brought up.

She held her face with both hands. He knew about her anyway. Perhaps she could just tell him about
everything that happened today.

Dexter raised his brows confidently, “It seems related to me.”

“Related to you?” She barely mentioned him.

“The two hundred thousand.”

Josie was speechless.

Dexter dipped his finger in water and drew an arrow on the table when he saw her in confusion.

“Russell Group was supposed to work with Lagoon Capital to expand its business territory last year.
But the proposal got rejected as soon as it was sent out. It turned out that Lagoon Capital’s project
manager had planned to use this project to get a better job with a different company. I sent evidence of
his romance scandals to his wife after discovering it. As expected, his wife created a stir at Lagoon
Capital. It affected him terribly.”

“He was sacked from Lagoon Capital immediately, and a new project manager took over. From that day
onwards, we successfully collaborated till today.”

Dexter drew another line from the arrowhead again.

“Sum up this matter.”

He crossed his arms in front of his chest. He looked incredibly like a leader quizzing his subordinate.
Josie became nervous. “The conclusion is… The conclusion is if his wife hadn’t made a ruckus, Russell

Group would have never managed to collaborate with Lagoon Capital.”

“Smart.” Dexter smiled. “We must be flexible. If we cannot change someone, we can try tackling the
people around him.”

He got up and went upstairs as soon as he finished speaking. He left Josie sitting in her place in a

Dexter was giving her a tip. But how was she going to tackle the people around Jenny? She had never
liked Jenny, nor knew the people around her, except for Justin… But he was exactly like his mother!

The next day.

Josie was at her workstation. While resting, she logged into her Twitter account and found Justin’s
account. She read every single post of his.

Alice passed by her and peeked at Josie’s phone. “Who is that? Why are you stalking people?”

“My younger brother.”

“What? Are you stalking your younger brother? You are crazy, Josie. Why do you even need to check
who liked his posts?” Alice was shocked.

Josie waved her hand and continued to scroll through Justin’s posts. “Stop making a fuss. I’m doing
something important.”

Soon, she clicked into an account and exclaimed excitedly, “I found it!”

It was a woman’s Twitter account. She had a selfie attached to all her posts. Josie knew who it was—
her younger brother’s girlfriend!

“Who is that?”

“My younger brother’s girlfriend. I searched his friend list but couldn’t find her. After checking the likes
of all his posts, I finally found her in a post in April.” Josie explained proudly.

“Amazing work… What a pity you aren’t a reporter.” Alice did not understand why Josie needed to do
so. She returned to her workstation.

Josie started tapping on her keyboard. She sent a private message to that account: ‘Hello, I’m Justin’s
sister. I need to talk to you. Can we meet?’

Her name was Nicole. She had been dating Justin for three years. As their relationship was relatively
stable, they planned to get married.

Nicole updated her account daily, so she was likely to see Josie’s message soon.

As expected, Nicole replied to Josie’s message as soon as she finished work: ‘Are you Josie? But I am
doing overtime today. I’ll visit you another day.’

‘I can go look for you at work today!’ Josie quickly responded.

She could not wait any longer.

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