That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 47

The place Nicole worked was quite far from Russell Group. After more than an hour on the bus, Josie
finally arrived at her destination. It was already dark, and many people were already having their

Nicole and Justin graduated from the same university. But because her results were not good enough,
her job wasn’t very favorable. She worked as a property agent at a property agency.

Josie waited at the café below Nicole’s workplace for an hour. Her hot coffee had completely cooled
down when she saw Nicole coming with her bag on her back.

“I’m so sorry to keep you waiting. I should have gone to visit you instead, but I was too busy. I just
came back from a house tour with a client…” Nicole said apologetically.

She was quite pretty, but long hours of work had drowned her in fatigue. She was not in a fair condition.

Josie gestured at her to take a seat. “It’s alright. I work overtime often too. I understand.”

Nicole looked a little embarrassed as she continued, “May I know… What’s the matter?”

“Right. I heard that you are getting married to Justin soon.”

“Yes… That’s why I’m working so hard,” Nicole replied shyly.

Josie could tell that Nicole was a down-to-earth person. She was a good girl. “I hope you don’t mind me
being straight with you because Justin and I are not biological siblings.”

Nicole nodded quickly. “I know. Justin told me.”

“Then I shall get straight to the point. His mother is going around collecting money for your marriage
with Justin. She even wants to cut off his father’s medical expenses for it. I wouldn’t have come to you

if things were not so serious.”

“Ever since our father fell sick, I have supported his medical expenses. Justin and his mother have
never paid a single penny. That indicates that his mother has no money at all for your marriage. There
are many ways one can have money if one is willing to work hard for it. Cutting off medical expenses is
not a resort.”

Josie had made it extremely clear to Nicole. She hoped that Nicole understood her meaning.

The Warren family was burning hell. She shouldn’t jump into it.

Nicole pursed her lips. Her face darkened. “Josie, I do know a little about this. But I can’t do much
because I’m not in the position to do so… However, I believe everything will be better if I work hard
after we get married.”

Josie understood now. Nicole loved Justin. Josie frowned and decided to reveal to Nicole how terrible
the situation was. “Ms. Hart, do you know that Justin is in debt?”

Nicole was stunned. She obviously didn’t know.

“He only told me that his family didn’t have much money, and we had to start from scratch.”

Josie snorted helplessly. She took a credit report from her bag and handed it to Nicole.

“This is Justin’s current financial situation. He has been gambling for the past few years. He is jobless
and is living on loans. He lost a lot and could not pay his debts. He is now a disreputable person. He
can’t take trains or planes. Do you know about this?”

Josie used to wonder why Justin was keen on cutting off his father’s medical expenses until she saw
his phone and discovered that he owed a lot of money.

Only a gambler would scorn family ties.

Nicole’s hand trembled as she held the report. She didn’t know anything about this. It must have hit her

“Justin owes approximately a few hundred thousand. If you marry him, Ms. Hart, with your monthly
salary of ten thousand, how many years will it take for you to help him pay off his debts?”

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