That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 48

Josie could not bear to break the girl’s heart. But this relationship was just an unrealistic rosy view.
Josie must stop Jenny’s greed and save this girl from jumping into these fires of hell.

“Justin has not stopped. He is still gambling. Deceitful people like him have no limits. It will ruin your
whole life if you stay with him. I hope you will reconsider your decision carefully.”

Nicole closed her eyes. Her shoulders shook as she started crying.

It was worse than a nightmare.

“You are a good girl. You shouldn’t be undermined by Justin. You can look for abetter man to love. As a
woman, I’d advise you to call off the engagement.”

Josie patted Nicole’s shoulder. Nicole could no longer hold herself back. She buried her head into
Josie’s arms and cried, “I’ve never thought he would be like that. I thought… I thought… He was
sincere toward me!”

“He just wants to trick you into paying his debts with him and suffer!”

Josie patted her head and said, “Nowadays, any relationship without financial support will fail easily.”

Nicole said nothing and continued wailing.

After about half an hour, Nicole finally calmed down. She promised Josie that she would reconsider her
relationship with Justin.

When they exited the café, it was already past ten. Josie did not have dinner, but she was no longer

The buses had stopped, so Josie had no choice but to get a cab back to Mason Garden. She could not
help but curse Justin under her breath. How are you going to repay me?

It was a long journey. Just as Josie started feeling sleepy on the way, her phone started vibrating. Her
phone showed: That man.

“Hello…” Her voice was still drowsy as she answered the phone.

“Where are you?” After a moment of silence, the man’s voice was heard. He sounded a little angry.

When Josie heard his voice, she immediately regained consciousness.

“Mr., Mr. Russell! I… I’m on the way back. What’s the matter?”

“What time is it now?”

Josie glanced at her phone and answered, “…Ten fifty-eight.”

“If you don’t reach home within ten minutes, you don’t have to come back anymore.”

Dexter was furious. He sat on the sofa in Mason Garden with a dark face.

He had finished work early today. He thought he would see that woman as soon as he reached home,
but he didn’t. According to Julie, Josie had called and informed that she would be home late.

It was late into midnight.

Dexter did not know why he was still waiting. He had planned to go to rest already, but he could not fall
asleep. He kept walking out of his room to check with the maids if Josie had returned.

“Not yet… Mr. Russell.”

The maid’s fear grew every time he asked them about Josie.

Dexter checked the duty roster for the design department that day. Josie did not have any
appointments outside. Her colleagues said that she had left as soon as it was time.

What was she doing alone outside so late? The thought of when Mr. Davidson made Josie drunk
caused him to shudder.

He was so anxious that he couldn’t help calling Josie.

Soon, the sound of footsteps was heard from outside. Josie opened the door and walked in. She saw
Dexter waiting for her on the sofa as soon as she raised her eyes. He looked cold.

When she saw him staring at her, she put on an innocent look and raised her phone. “Mr. Russell, eight
minutes. I’m on time.”

“… Where did you go?”

“I went to practice the skill you taught me.” Josie did not realize how serious this matter was to Dexter.
She put down her bag happily and ran to him. She wanted to tell him about what had happened today.

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