That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 49

However, just as she was about to approach Dexter, she stopped suddenly because the expression on
the man’s face had turned ugly.

Josie finally realized that something was wrong. She turned around and beckoned at the maid behind
her, asking silently: What’s wrong with him? The maid shook her head. She looked afraid as if she was
not allowed to answer that question.

Josie had no choice but to muster her courage and step forward. She asked carefully, “Mr. Russell, did
I upset you again?”

She suddenly felt as if she was trying to tame a tiger.

Dexter was difficult to tame. The look on his face terrified people.

“Go on. Tell me. What were you doing outside so late? Did you go on a date with Dr. Sander again?”

The sarcasm in his words and mockery in his eyes ruined Josie’s good mood. She demanded angrily,
“What do you mean? I’ve told you that Dr. Sander and I are only friends. You make it sound as if I have
a scandal with him.”

Dexter glared at her. “Am I wrong?”

“… Rascal.” Josie could not help but curse under her breath.

She had not had dinner yet, and it was a long journey home. Her mood was not good, and she was
ridiculed as soon as she got home. She almost lost her temper. She stood there for a long time and
dared not approach Dexter anymore.

“… I thought you would understand, but it was just a fantasy of mine.”

After that, Josie turned around to head upstairs.

Dexter got up suddenly and grabbed her wrist. Anger was written on his face as he said, “A lady should
never return home so late no matter what happens! How dare you curse me, Josie! What made you so

Josie pushed the man’s hand away. The anger she had been suppressing all night surfaced.

“I forgot to tell you I’m not a good girl. Even my parents do not care what time I get home. Who are you,
Mr. Russell, to control me? Even if I work for you, I have the freedom to choose how I spend my time
after work! You are inexplicable!”

Josie was used to having freedom since she was young. No one in the Warren family cared about her.
Her father used to care for her, but ever since he fell ill and stopped doing so, Dexter was the first
person who tried to restrict her from returning home late.

The woman’s fierce look made her look like a little hedgehog.

That sentence, “Who are you to control me?” humored Dexter. “Have you forgotten that you are still
mine even after work? You are my wife. Who has the right to control you if not me?”

This sentence sounded like “You have no freedom” to Josie. It angered her more. “Should I continue
my act even when I’m asleep? You are such a capitalist! You are practicing monopolistic ownership!”

Dexter was at a loss for words. He raised a finger and pointed into the air. With a cold tone, he said,
“Don’t take my kindness for granted. You are not as important as you think.”

He stormed upstairs furiously after he finished speaking.

Who should be the one losing their temper now? Josie pushed her hair to the back and told the maid,
“Hurry, pour me a glass of water. I can feel the fire in my head right now. It’s burning me to death.”

The maid quickly passed her a glass of water.

“Madam, I’ve stayed here for a long time. You are the first person I met who dares to argue with Mr.
Russell.” She gave Josie a thumbs-up as she looked at Josie in awe.

“I didn’t want to argue with him. Didn’t you hear what he said? He’s too domineering! What a bad
temper he has!”

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