That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 50

The more Josie talked about it, the angrier she became. Even after gulping the glass of water down, it
didn’t appease her.

When the maid heard that, she shook her head. “Mrs. Russell, Mr. Russell cares about you immensely.
Perhaps his choice of words wasn’t appropriate, but…” She was unsure what words to use, so she cut
to the chase. “When he’s not working, he always sleeps early. But tonight, he hasn’t rested at all. He
asked me a few times whether or not you were back. I can tell that he’s worried about you.”

Josie froze after hearing that. She recalled his solemn tone when he called her just now and how he
reacted. Well, it’s definitely weird.

“He… waited for me the entire night?”

The maid nodded. “Yeah. Julia also saw that. Mr. Russell was worried about you, so… what you said
just now was quite harsh.”

He’s worried about me, but why?

“No matter what, he… shouldn’t have said that…”

“That’s because he loves you too much.”

Goosebumps immediately appeared on her arms after hearing that. That’s not the case at all. How is it
possible that he loves me?

She shook her head to clear her mind.

“Of course not. He’s just worried that I might create trouble for him. I know he wants to maximize my
value here.”

With that, she felt much better. That’s right. He’s a capitalist. He loves me too much? Gah! That’s
wishful thinking!

“Mrs. Russell–”

“Alright, is there any food in the kitchen? I’m starving.”

The following day, Josie caught herself thinking about the maid’s words the night before and wondered
if she had overreacted.

Because of that, she didn’t sleep well; her entire body hurt when she woke up.

She stopped when she passed by Dexter’s room. Suddenly, the door opened, and he appeared in front
of her with water droplets on his face – he had just taken a shower.

He was surprised to see her, but he soon pursed his lips. It was apparent that his anger hadn’t abated.

Startled by him, Josie fumbled awkwardly for half a minute before saying, “Er… I went to look for my
brother’s girlfriend. Her workplace is quite far from here – I paid two hundred to get there! That was
why I came home late yesterday.”

Initially, she didn’t want to explain to him, but she started speaking without realizing it.

Surprise flitted across Dexter’s eyes. It was out of his expectations that she explained the situation to
him. It’s good that she doesn’t hold grudges.

He curled his lips and remarked sarcastically, “I didn’t know you could speak.”

“… I got mad after hearing you accuse me of cheating with Matthew. You started it first.”

She could smell his scent strongly after the shower, so she didn’t dare to look at him.

He was too good-looking that she was worried about blushing and embarrassing herself.

At that point, Dexter’s fury had ceased. “No matter what happens, you have to be back by eleven from
now on.”


She recalled the maid’s words – ‘he cares about you.’

“Because you live on my turf – you have to listen to me.”

She was speechless to hear that.

He started making his way downstairs in a seemingly better mood.

Josie twitched her lips and made a face behind his back. He’s a capitalist, for sure!

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