That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 52

Though they had cleared the air up, they didn’t have much interaction after that – they were too busy
with work.

Josie was still working on the PowerPoint slides to present her proposal to the clients. After Clair
became the manager, her workload became heavier. She was not alone; Team B felt a significant
increase in their workload.

Fortunately, Clair wasn’t as trouble-seeking as Samantha – at least, she had a great work ethic.

Russell Group had a project with a famous beverage brand. The deal was done by the higher-ups, and
Claire hadn’t decided on the person in charge. Josie wanted to give it a try.

Dexter had been flying overseas lately with Ivy and other C-level executives. He had been gone for a
few days.

A picture had been circulating on the company forum. Dexter was speaking in a meeting while Ivy
stood beside him, looking very compatible.

The atmosphere between them seemed rather flirtatious in the picture – perhaps it was the angle.

Hence, rumors about Dexter and Ivy started spreading in the entire company that she was going to be
his wife.

All these years, Dexter hadn’t had any rumors involving women – Ivy was the only one.

Josie snorted out in laughter when she heard that in the pantry.

“A love story between the CEO and his assistant is quite desirable indeed. Unfortunately…”

Alice asked, “What?”

Unfortunately, Dexter is already married. Technically speaking, I’m his wife.

Josie smiled at her teasingly. How improper of me to do that!


Ah, I can only imagine that. Who would need to work after marrying a man like him? I have such a
miserable life.

Since Dexter was not around, Josie visited her father at the hospital after work to talk to him. However,
when it was late, she felt the need to go home. Dexter is simply too intimidating. Subconsciously, I
follow all his orders. Is this my nature as his employee?

On that day, she was walking back to Mason Garden on the street lined with oak trees and the scent of
flowers. Suddenly, a fancy car drove past her. Before she could get a good look at it, Nicole called her.

“Josie, h-h-he hit me!” she whispered in a trembling voice.

Josie immediately came to a stop. “What? Who hit you? Calm down and tell me everything.”

“It’s Justin. He kept trying to change my mind. I didn’t want to oblige, so he grabbed my hair and hit my
head against the wall. He had been hitting me for half an hour before he returned to his senses. It’s
terrifying! After that, he kneeled on the floor, asking for my forgiveness.”

Josie could picture the situation vividly.

“What a fiend! How are you now? Did you escape?”

“He tried to lock me up, but I escaped when he went to drink some water. I’m at my place now, but I’m
worried he might come here…” Nicole sobbed.

Josie thought that Justin might not want to break up, but she didn’t expect that he would hit Nicole.
After all, they had been together for three years.

He’s a gambler who’s at a dead end now. He would do anything.

Josie wanted to continue speaking, but the fancy car stopped and flashed its headlights at her.

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