That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 54

“That’s a solution – leaving Wavery.” Josie clapped.

Nicole hesitated. “But… my identity card is still with him. What will happen to my job and my parents if I
leave? What if he finds my parents?”

“Which is more important, your life or your job?” Dexter asked impatiently. Indecisive women had
always irritated him. “Ignore your identity card – just tell the police that you lost yours and make a new
one. Don’t worry about your parents. We are still here, and don’t forget about the police. He can’t do
anything to them.”

He had the natural air of a leader and was used to giving orders. Nicole nodded weakly, not daring to
look at him. “I’ll leave tomorrow morning. But I haven’t told my parents about this. I don’t want them to
worry about me.”

Josie sighed and comforted her. “Think about that when you’re safe. Don’t let anyone know where you
are going, okay?”

Nicole finally calmed down and thanked them profusely.

When they left the hotel, Dexter finally got some fresh air. Next to him, Josie sighed. “Now I know how
she stayed with him for three years.”

Nicole was an indecisive woman, while Justin had been taking the lead in their relationship. It’s no
wonder she’s fooled by him.

Dexter turned to her. “Can you stop sighing? You’ve been doing that the entire evening – it’s annoying.”

Josie joked, “I didn’t expect you to know that we can get a new identity card that way. I thought you
only take private jets when you travel.”

“Unlike you, I have common sense. Even though I take private jets, I’m still a human.”

For the first time, Josie didn’t argue with him. “Okay, okay. Thanks a lot, Mr. Russell. I might have lost
my cool if you weren’t here tonight.”

She didn’t expect that he would help her out.

He smiled and opened the door for her. “Good to know that. Shall we go back now?”

She smiled and replied tentatively, “I’m worried that Justin might find her here. I’d like to stay with her
tonight. I’ll only be relieved once I see her leave.”

There was an ominous silence.

“I can sleep with her in her hotel room. If you are tired, you can go back. I’ll be fine!”

Dexter looked like he was about to lose his temper.

“So, I should go back and wait for him to beat you guys up. Is that it?” He pursed his lips and frowned.
“Get in the car!”

Josie couldn’t reject him. She got into the car, but he didn’t ask the driver to start the engine. Instead,
he closed his eyes and rested in the backseat.

She was slightly fearful for a moment before realizing that he meant to stay in the car to monitor the
situation outside since they could see the street clearly.

As the light fell on his face, it accentuated his exhaustion.

He’s probably been busy the entire day. Yet, before he could go home and rest, I involved him in this.

Gratitude surged within her. She lay down and said tentatively, “Dexter, thanks for everything today.”

She no longer addressed him as ‘Mr. Russell.’

It’s my personal issue. He doesn’t have an obligation to help me out.

She thought he didn’t hear her, but in the next second, he placed his hand on her eyes, which were
moist with tears.

“Let’s sleep.”

Josie’s eyelashes fluttered before she shut her eyes.

This was the second time they slept next to each other. Josie still felt uneasy because of the
surroundings. Her heart couldn’t stop thumping hard.

She was even making sure that she wasn’t breathing too loudly.

“Should I book a room for you to rest better?”

“Shut up.”

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