That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 51

Josie was relieved after speaking to Nicole. She believed that Nicole would make the right decision. As
long as they called off the marriage, Jenny had no reason to ask for Paul’s medical bills.

However, Nicole hadn’t replied to her for a few days. She was worried that Nicole might be persuaded
by Justin because of love. She was also concerned that Justin might harm Nicole when he was pushed
into a corner.

She looked at their chat, hesitating if she should ask her.

At that moment, there was a commotion in the design department.

Dexter’s assistant, Ivy, appeared in sleek and beautiful formal attire.

“Mr. Russell has a new announcement.” She waved the file in her hands.

Alice nudged Josie. “I bet it’s about the new manager. Could it be you?” Alice whispered.

Josie was doubtful about that. “I don’t think so.” I don’t have enough experience.

Under everyone’s gazes, Ivy opened the folder and announced, “The new manager for the design
department is Clair Wilcher.”

Team A cheered for her.

Alice looked disappointed. “Hmph. You’re better than her.”

Nevertheless, the result was within Josie’s expectations.

She shook her head with a wry smile. “Nonsense.”

Ivy suddenly appraised her interestedly before quickly leaving.

Looking at her figure, Josie said, “Out of so many people, I envy her the most. At such a young age,
she’s capable enough to be Mr. Russell’s personal assistant. Not only is her salary high, but she’s also
very confident. How nice.”

Alice also followed her gaze. “True… She’s more capable than anyone else. I heard that back when the
CEO of Russell Group was undecided, she chose to stand up for Mr. Russell and went through many
obstacles with him until today. Not everyone has her foresight and tenacity. I guess she’s Mr. Russell’s
most trusted person in this company.”

Josie also heard some news about her. If I were Ivy, I’d probably choose Dexter too. He is different
from others, and he has good leadership. Well, there are no what-ifs. I couldn’t possibly have met him
so many years back.

In the pantry, Phil was making a cup of coffee. When he saw Ivy looking out the window absent-
mindedly, he walked over and smiled. “Ms. Miller, I heard you announce the latest personnel change at
the design department today.”

She lifted her head and eyed him cautiously.

“It’s approved by Mr. Russell. Why can’t I announce it?”

“It’s not your job. You stepped over the boundaries of your job. Does he know?”

“Do you want him to know?”

Phil was a sly, old fox in this industry. He took a sip of his coffee before replying, “You’re his favorite; I
don’t dare to tell on you. Apart from that, I’m also delighted with the result. There’s no need to make a
mountain out of a molehill.”

I suppose he doesn’t dare to do so. Ivy continued gazing out of the window, ignoring him.

After finishing his coffee, he whispered in her ears before leaving, “All the best. Everyone is speculating
if you are going to be Mr. Russell’s partner. If you’re successful, remember to invite me to the wedding.”

She jerked her head up. Those words were just insults to her.

“Get lost.”

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